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  • Dear Yeury,
    you seem like the type of person i would hang out with to joke around a lot. i find it funny because the things people from New york and people from Cali have different sayings. you use “really tho” and we say ” foreal” . its kinda cool knowing the slangs other people use even though its a litteral word, it can be used for so many…Read More

  • Cory commented on the post, Oscar's Life

    hi oscar,
    im glad someone finally speaks on graffiti being legal because in San Diego california (where i am from) its illegal here so we try the best not to get caught into any situatuion. i suppoer the fact that we should make it legal so we can express oursleves more and not having to be held because of it. i know losing your mother was hard…Read More

  • Cory commented on the post, Pablo's Life

    Dear edwin,
    i live in a neighbourhood called City Heights in San DIego Califronia where its also normal to hear gunshots or see people fighting and stabbing. Its not hard to live here if you have protection or if your’e safe. Every part of USA has a ghetto part of the city or a “hood”. not everywhere you go will be safe. My dream in the future…Read More

  • Cory commented on the post, Mom Obligation

    Dear Emely,
    you show a lot of feeling and really express your struggles and you show how determined you are to your kids. I have no idea what its like to be a mother so i cant speak on the idea of you raising 2 kids and being a single mother. so many good things will come to maggies way because shes being given so many good examples by you.
    -…Read More

  • Cory commented on the post, Teen Suicide

    Dear Darian
    this topic is very hard to touch on knowing so many people that can get triggered by this. explaining how this is a big issue and how it makes people feel was very important because of how serious this topic is and how dangerous it is to touch on. You made a lot of valuable points and i agree with how you focused on the main idea.…Read More

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