• Cory commented on the post, Anxiety 1 month ago

    Hi Tori,
    I think this subject is so hard to touch on because so many people have it but it’s hard to explain and the way you explained everything was so good. Having anxiety is hard for people to deal with and go through because of the things it causes you to do and how to cope with it. I hope everything is good for you.

  • Dear Tatianna,
    I agree with your statement. You make a clear point, and I also think we should have all the schools do what we do with starting at whatever time we want. I think it’s right because maybe people have things to do the day before and just don’t get enough sleep. Therefore I think you’re correct and I agree with all you said on this…[Read more]

  • I agree with your idea of wanting education for all. Most people dont take education serious when its given to us and they mess up in life or theyre career. i think so many people should take advantage of the oportunity we have here. i think education is important but i dont think its 100% necessary.

  • Dear Joshua,
    this video caught a lot of attention because it does show so much that is still going on now in 2020. it hurts to see that not many things have changed through out the years. i want hcnage and i think people like us cna make that change, this was very powerful explanation of what the video is about which helps a lot to those who dont know.

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    Dear Judith,
    this type of beat isnt my type and my preference is so much different than mine but your so good at making beats. I really think you can do so much more beats using samples of different songs would be good too. what other types of beats do you make?
    – Cory Escobar

  • Dear Yeury,
    you seem like the type of person i would hang out with to joke around a lot. i find it funny because the things people from New york and people from Cali have different sayings. you use “really tho” and we say ” foreal” . its kinda cool knowing the slangs other people use even though its a litteral word, it can be used for so many…[Read more]

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    hi oscar,
    im glad someone finally speaks on graffiti being legal because in San Diego california (where i am from) its illegal here so we try the best not to get caught into any situatuion. i suppoer the fact that we should make it legal so we can express oursleves more and not having to be held because of it. i know losing your mother was hard…[Read more]

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    Dear edwin,
    i live in a neighbourhood called City Heights in San DIego Califronia where its also normal to hear gunshots or see people fighting and stabbing. Its not hard to live here if you have protection or if your’e safe. Every part of USA has a ghetto part of the city or a “hood”. not everywhere you go will be safe. My dream in the future…[Read more]

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    Dear Emely,
    you show a lot of feeling and really express your struggles and you show how determined you are to your kids. I have no idea what its like to be a mother so i cant speak on the idea of you raising 2 kids and being a single mother. so many good things will come to maggies way because shes being given so many good examples by you.
    -…[Read more]

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    Dear Darian
    this topic is very hard to touch on knowing so many people that can get triggered by this. explaining how this is a big issue and how it makes people feel was very important because of how serious this topic is and how dangerous it is to touch on. You made a lot of valuable points and i agree with how you focused on the main idea.…[Read more]

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    Dear jamie,
    i like how you included so many reasons as to why people should read this book. You gave many details and you expressed yourself well to the reader. you also gave a preview as to what the books are about which helped a lot to be intersting for other readers to read.

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    Dear Juan,
    it looks like you wanted to include more in your statement. i would love to hear the rest of your feedback
    – Cory escobar

  • Dear Music Fans, 

    My name is Cory Escobar, I’m also a 17-year-old who is in love with music from back then as the 1990s because of the vibe they give off to some people. Although I really like this type of

    • Juan replied 1 month ago

      Dear Cory,

      I am interested in your post because i am a big music fan myself.I love music and rap is my favorite kind of music

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “ Rap back then in the 1990s was such a controversial thing and it really made people feel a certain way of how and why people would make music ” I think this is <interesting because this is very true especially with the group N.W.A.They were rapping about how there life is and people would get offended because of the violence and they meaning behind the music.

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when i was listening to some music in the car and my grandpa could hear it.My grandpa was asking about the music and i was telling him all about it and he got very upset because of the meaning behind it.

      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I love music so i am excited to see if you will do a different genre of music next.

      • Cory replied 1 month ago

        Dear Juan,
        it looks like you wanted to include more in your statement. i would love to hear the rest of your feedback
        – Cory escobar

    • Hey Cory
      I was very interested in your article because I love music and am always interested to learn more about it. I’m going to have to say I disagree with a lot of your points on modern rap, there are thousands of artists out there right now that are singing about their struggles and feelings. However I do respect your opinion and appreciate the information on the article.

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