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    Throughout the extensive reading of my book, I noticed two big underlying themes. These two themes included a common love in books, and a common loneliness in the

    • Dear Mrs.Reed,
      I found this post to be really interesting and enjoyable to read. You stated and defined the words that you wanted to present and also told us what they meant back then, I like and also agree to the fact that the definition of an American has changed over time and that we come together in times when we have a common goal. This is clearly represented during war time; World War II and I, we came together to help pay for the war and help our nation. I really liked this post and hope to see more about it

  •      We the People


    “We the people”(US Const. Preamble). The first three words of the Preamble in the constitution. I think this is a very general definition of what our country stands for, the first America

    • Gabe, I appreciate how you mention the troops and the importance they have on our country. To be disrespected by the people that they gave their lives for is terrible. I do agree that our country, although the many differences and arguments that we have, in times of disaster will put everything down and begin to help one another. I thought your article was well written and well thought out.

  • Thomas, I agree with you on your stance with the NFL protesting. These multi-million dollar athletes are protesting the wrong way against the country that gave them that opportunity. What they don’t understand is that football is not a necessity and lots of viewers will stop watching a ratings will plummet.

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