• Damon Cooper

    Mrs. Reed 4th hour

    December 18 2017

                     Caffeine, The Secret to Success?

    Since I have been young I have been surrounded by a society which considers it the norm to consume the psyc

  • My views on drinking caffeine have changed drastically since I started to research the effects on the human body. When I choose to write about this topic, I expected to learn that caffeine is has either beneficial

  • Damon Cooper

    November 17, 2017

    Caffeine’s Effect of the Quality of Our Life


    Since I have been young I have been surrounded by a society which considers it the norm to consume the psychoactive drug known as

    • Hi Damon! This subject you chose is very interesting to me. According to your research, I am one of the 83% of Americans that consumes caffeine daily. I have a cup of coffee each day, and I find it helping me wake up and get my day going. Sadly, in the mornings I find myself becoming dependent on this psychoactive drug in order to keep me going. It interests me to think about the pros and cons of consuming caffeine each day, and I’d love to learn more about it. I found this article which showed me multiple pros and cons about consuming coffee, hope it helps! https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/coffee-good-or-bad

    • Damon, I am very interested in this topic you’re writing about because I in fact am very guilty of being one of those people that go out of their ways to get coffee so I don’t, well go crazy. Sometimes while I’m consuming this psychoactive drug I even ask myself, why? but I can never find the answer so hopefully you can.
      I looked into this topic and maybe this article can help you out
      https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/271707.php Honor Whiteman explains even the good qualities of the caffeine we have day to day but she also makes the cons very clear as well, and it’s quite enlightening. Hope this helps!

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    I find it very interesting how you take apart and show the effect a genre of music can have on the listener. I have heard many of the stereotypes you have talked about and have a new perspective on these thanks to this article.


    Sleep deprivation is a real issue. Unlike other issues in our country it may not make news,  be on the front page of the paper, or something you learn about in school. However, sleep deprivation is a serious i

    • It seems that many adults and students seem to disregard sleep during the week days and stay up late doing various tasks for assessment or studying. As students we procrastinate and finish assignments very late at night. I definitely agree a solution to this problem is to bring more awareness to how crucial sleep is in our daily lives, and how it alters our performance in many activities. A resolution could be to finish school work during the day rather than procrastinate and finish it at night.

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    Within 30 seconds of meeting a stranger, the human brain has already formed an opinion of that person that will last for years. It decides what their personality is like, can you trust them, and what their role in

    • I remember someone telling me “employers know whether to hire you within the first thirty seconds of meeting you”. I always thought that was a little exaggerated, but thinking about it now, I realize that phrase may be more our than I had ever thought.

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