• Could Psilocybin Mushrooms help people treat their depression? This is a bit of a controversial issue for some people and for many, the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense. How could some hippy dippy stoner p

  • I really appreciate this article! It helps shed some light on what we’ve been through and what we’ve grown up with. We live in a crazy world in a crazy time and everyone is simply just used to it. I think we could all become a little more mindful, no matter what generation you are a part of.

  • I love this article and I love how you focused on something that just happened that no one has really wrote about. For me personally, I just don’t think a law will change anything. Polygamy has been around this whole entire time, people have just decided to do it illegally and not get caught.

  • Voting is a vital part of our democracy and I truly believe that everyone should have their own opinions and be able to voice them. The unfortunate thing is, many people are not able to voice their own opinions

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    The reason Donald Trump wants to handle illegal immigration from Mexico is because an overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants who came here do in fact bring drugs and violence. While I do think that the “Build The Wall” idea is a bit far fetched and bad for the environment, there is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of illegal immigration…[Read more]

  • I appreciate how this post gives a timeline of America’s immigration history, but I feel lost about the Donald Trump part. You sort of jumped to it and didn’t even bother to explain why he made the decisions he did.

  • I really enjoyed this post! You have a good amount of sources to back you up and you make some great points. Teaching kids abstinence will not teach kids about safe sex at all, it only confuses them more!

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  • I have a big problem with today’s education system. I believe today’s education system is more about obedience and doing what other people want you to do instead of preparing someone for the real world and ins

  • I think this is a great post that weighs both sides and helps the reader think about his or her own viewpoint.

  • Education, free speech, and suffrage are all rights that women have had for years in the United States, and all over Western Civilization in general.

  • The political division in this country has gotten out of control and has been for too long. As time has gone on, people have avoided discussing issues with other people that do not agree with them. People have

    • Hey cooper, I really liked this article. I like how you talked about how bad the political diversification situation is getting in our country. Another article about this you might want to look at is this one here. https://freedomoutpost.com/examples-political-correctness-destroying-america/

    • Hello Cooper, I enjoyed your article and I found your points very relevant for the most part. However, I would like to challenge the idea that people stray away from discussing their views with people who disagree with them. I think it is the opposite. Think about the presidential debate, it is essentially a televised disagreement from the two top presidential candidates that is watched by millions. People love to argue and disagree. However, I agree with your statement that people should be much more open to an extent.

    • Hey coop, great article. I like how to took more of a factual approach to the problem, rather than choosing to pick a political side. I think you would like this article by the New York Time that illustrates this problem. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/07/learning/why-is-it-important-for-people-with-different-political-beliefs-to-talk-to-each-other.html.
      Have a great day!

    • Cooper,
      We actually talked about this in AP Gov today. It’s such an interesting division among the American people that has caused us to move into to different neighborhoods and even go to different coffee shops. The division among us has become so deep-rooted it’s almost subconscious to gravitate towards those who agree with you. I’d love to see you explore possible solutions of this issue, check out the Big Sort by Bill Bishop.

    • Hi Cooper, I completely agree that general public should be have serious and progressive conversations about the major issues that are ripping our country apart even further. And may I add that we should be respectably listening to each others argument. To a certain extent, Mitchell is right that television loves to highlight politicians bickering, though it can also be said that how they address each others viewpoints does not help anything. It seems that people still base their views on irrational things, misconceptions or personnel pride. Everyone in the media seems too scared of being cancelled to share their opinions. I liked your article because it needs to be said. Hopefully as more people say things like this, then we will make progress.

    • Good point. It makes sense that nothing gets done in the federal government because people are too polarized and therefore cannot work together to make decisions or fix things. I found a good article that describes a fundamental cause of political and social division creating a gridlock:

    • I completely agree with you Cooper. Peoples stubbornness to listen and consider ideas that pose theirs is one of the most pressing problems in our country. Not thinking of others ideas and viewpoints can limit ones knowledge of a topic and does not allow for a full understanding. If we could learn to be more open minded as a society I believe a lot of our problems would be less severe.

  • Great article! Gays should be aloud to marry since it doesn’t effect anyone else. Just because your religion doesn’t agree with it doesn’t mean that you should have a say in other people’s life decisions.

  • While learning a new language is a very hard task, I think immigrants should learn English. Since an overwhelming majority of Americans speak English and it is our country’s official language, it makes sense that an immigrant would be expected to learn English. You may be able to get a job not speaking English, but being able to speak English will…[Read more]

  • I think this article addresses one of the biggest problems in the United States today. Several Americans are clinging to one side and will refuse to accept what the other side wants to say. Intellectual discussions involving people with all points of view working out their differences are necessary to build a better America.

  • I think this an interesting outlook on holidays and how they become a little too materialistic. Holidays were created to honor an event and bring people together, not to be about food and gifts. I think this is a unique post and it truly gets people thinking.

  • After World War II, Americans were happy and prosperous. Industries were booming, houses were being made and sold, and people were financially stable. Now, the economy isn’t as good, people don’t make as much mon

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