In the 21st century, the Syrian war is the most devastating conflict in the world. Starting in 2011, the war has killed thousands of soldiers and civilians, including children, in this senseless war that also

  • This is my Prezi for my topic, the Syrian war. (XP5 for LRNG)

  • Six years ago, the Syrian war, one of the most deadliest and ongoing conflicts in the 21st century, started. With the dictator Bashar al-Assad’s government fighting rebel groups in populated cities of Syrian

    • Thomas, I’m really impressed with all of the research you have done on this topic. I think this is a really important topic and I think we need to find a solution to helping the civilians.

    • Thomas, great job on your research about the Syrian war. I appreciate how you gave many instances of the ongoing conflict in Syria and provided solid evidence to make the essay persuasive. I agree that the civilians must be helped as a humanitarian effort rather than by supporting one side or the other.

  • This is a very nice infographic. I agree with your views, and possible solutions. Another solution I can propose is for not just the people trying to talk to the government, but the government of countries using their power to help the starving citizens in their countries.

    • The Syrian War seems to be a huge issue in the present day. I really think it was smart to add the part that said “possible solutions” to add more of a positive spin on things.

    • This is an important topic that needs to be talked about, I appreciate all the facts that help push your argument.

    • I really like your info-graphic. I agree that the Syrian war is a really big issue and more needs to be done to help Syria refugees and those affected by the war. I also like how you included possible solutions. Awesome job!

    • I quite like your info-graphic, there is not as much talk about the Syrian Civil War as there should be. It seems that people here in the U.S. are often more concerned with the terrorism threat posed by extremist rebel groups in the war than the actual war itself.

  • The Syrian war has been going on for 6 years, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop soon. With President Bashar al-Assad and the government allies versus other rebel groups in the country, like the Sunni

  • I agree with your opinion. In the beginning of the book, we can see the struggling relationship between Huck and pap, and how it affects Huck and what he does. Huck is in strain with being with pap, but he also decides on his own to fake his death to escape from pap’s captivity. Do you think this was the first step in Huck’s developing mat…[Read more]

  • I totally agree with your perspective. Twain is just accurately representing the racist, oppressive society of the south in pre-Civil War America. Some critics can argue Twain is racist, with his numerous use of the “N” word and references to slavery, but I just believe he was using the aspect of realism in his novel. But I also ask this question.…[Read more]

  • Thomas Cho

    Mrs. Reed

    American Literature

    14 May 2017

    The idea of freedom

    (Spoiler alert)

    In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the two main characters Huckleberry Finn and the slave Jim set out on a

    • Wow, great work! I really liked your use of voice in this piece and I think it helps convey your unique writing style. I also wrote about freedom within the story and I completely agree with your piece. I really liked how you opened up the topic for discussion at the end of your piece, I think that it is important to have conversations in literature and especially with this book.

    • You organized this piece very well, and that makes it easy to follow. You presented some great points about what freedom means to each individual and your opinion makes a lot of sense. I agree with what you said, in that when two people disregard skin color and racial prejudices, they can overcome a lot and achieve even more. Huck and Jim are two great examples of that.

    • Sid replied 3 years ago


      This is a pretty great piece you put together. I like how you questioned what Huck is running for; I had similar inquiries when I read the book as well. I also like how you inquired what freedom is to these characters. Is it to be free of slavery? To be free from Ms. Watson? Your insights on these questions were quite excellent and I relly like what you put together here.


    • Wow, this is a very well thought out and organized piece! I can really tell you spent a lot of time diving in to voice your opinion and explaining the story. I also wrote about freedom and how it relates to the book “Huckleberry Finn” and I agreed with all of the points you brought up in this discussion! The piece you wrote help made me deeper understand the book, so thank you! Also great job, great piece and keep up the great work!

    • Quan replied 3 years ago

      Thomas you did a pretty banged up job on relating freedom to huckleberry Finn. i liked how you connected slavery from the book to slavery nowadays.” slavery is still legal in United States, and racial degradation against African-Americans is common in this society.” Overall really nice piece.

    • Good job. Your piece was quite well mapped out. I especially liked the third paragraph where you showed how Jim was humanized to both the audience and to Huck. You had shown the different types of freedom the characters sought, Jim wanted literal freedom from slavery, where as Huck wanted metaphorical freedom from an oppressive society.

    • Thomas, you did a great job writing your essay about freedom. It looks like you put some times and hard works into it. Your essay is very well organized. I really like you used freedom to discuss the adventures of huckleberry finn, I think Freedom fits very well with the book. Your example is very clearly related to freedom, I think the freedom is huge part of the book. Huck Finn trying to free Jim could be seen as the main example of freedom. Thanks for you essay thomas.

    • Tuan replied 3 years ago

      Thomas, I think you did a really nice job writing this. I totally agree with you on the idea that freedom really effects both these characters and how twain tried to implement the use of the n word to show that. When I was reading this book, I thought about the topic of freedom but I didn’t go as in-depth as you did. Nice job and keep up the good work!

  • Thomas Cho

    Mrs. Reed

    American Literature

    8 May 2017

    Tensions in the Korean peninsula

    In the present day, there are many world issues that plague our society. War, famine, the refugee crisis, drought, etc. But

  • Onyu I totally agree. The Korean educational system is very competitive and results in a lot of stress for Korean students. Gaining your self confidence should always be your number one goal, then after that you can aim for your goals. I hope you gain that confidence even more, and I will support you throughout.

  • Abinoav I totally agree. Using historical context, back in the early 19th century they really didn’t have any laws specifying with child abuse. I like how you used historical context to connect quotes from the book to specific conflicts and themes.

  • From reading:

    Pg. 4: “Say,, who is you? Whar is you? Dog my cats efs didn’ hear sumf’n. Well, I know what I’s gwyne to do: I’s gwyne to set down here and listen tell I hears it ag’in.”-Jim


    In context,

    • Eric replied 3 years ago

      I think you’re absolutely right about Jim and his dialect, and how it shows regionalism. My question is this. Why is Jim’s dialect different from Huck’s, and also how different is Huck’s from what, at Twain’s time, was considered the “proper” dialect. How does Twain show the difference between Huck’s dialect and “proper” dialect?

    • Tuan replied 3 years ago

      Thomas, I totally agree with you that dialect is extremely important in this quote because it shows the use of dialect from a different region then what we are use to. Great job with your analysis and keep up the good work.

    • I definitely agree, the dialect is very different and distinct between all the characters. Jims language is his own and separates his from Huck’s “proper” language

    • Thomas, I agree with your analysis for your quote that speaking style is very different. Also, Jim who is uneducated have very different dialect.

  • I believe that people need friendship in order to succeed, to accomplish goals, jump obstacles in life, and overall to just have a good time.

    I first lived in Florida for kindergarten and preschool, and when I

    • Hello Thomas! I agree, friendship is super important. However, it is also super important to have friends that support and respect you. Regardless though, having a friend is great and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in my opinion. Thank you for this piece! Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Thomas! I strongly agree that friendship is very important in relationship with others. I also think that having friends who helps you out to get use in new place is very important. I felt the same as you, because I was in similar situation like moving into new place without knowing anyone in that place. Thank you for your essay and sharing your belief!

    • Vail replied 3 years ago

      I couldn’t agree more about the importance of friendships! Friends allow us to express ourselves as we are! However, choose them wisely because they will shape who you are. Having friends makes us feel secure, so if you see someone who doesn’t have any, its good to reach out to them!

    • Hey Thomas! I really liked your introduction to the start of your essay. It was really unique to hear everyone’s different opinions on what they believed in and it was cool to hear all the different voices. I have to agree with you that friendship is the most important thing. I know I personally rely on my friends for everything. They are the first people I go to when something bad or good happens and they do the same in return. Friends are your chosen family and they get you like no one else. Friends know who you truly are and have stayed because of how much you have in common. No one is the exact same though, and I believe friends bring out the good in one another and make up for the parts each other lacks. I can honestly say friends are the most important thing to me in my life and I honestly don’t know who I would be without them.

    • I totally agree that friendships leads to happiness. Without my friends I wouldn’t know what to do or how to make stuff decisions. Some friends can be very helpful to us like guide you to picking the right college or the right job. But then there are friends or could leave us down the wrong pass that make bad decisions with us. So I would advise that you always choose your friends wisely or there may be consequences.

    • Tuan replied 3 years ago

      Thomas, I totally agree with you that people need friendships to succeed. I think bonds with friends are something that you need to treasure because it is something that cannot be broken. All in all, really nice job with your essay.

  • I agree with your argument. Students these days should be given classes that will help them in real life situations. Although it depends on what field of inquiry your are going into, it really applies to all high schoolers who don’t know what they want to do yet.

  • I totally agree with your opinion. The government needs to address this more.

  • I believe this is a very detailed piece of writing, and hopefully there are more people who look at this!!

  • Dear Future President,

    In our country, Police Brutality has been one of our biggest problems that we need to address. New cases of police brutality and civilians being killed pop up on the news every day. Due to

    • Allison- This is a very interesting topic that is very eye opening. I love how u have tons of evidence but you should try weaving this into the texts instead of linking straight into the text. Other than that this is a very good stance and I believe with more evidence and popularity this can be a very successful essay.

    • I think police brutality is a serious topic. But people don’t think it is a big topic. I agree with you that it is has lead to more violent and causing more issues. When need someone to stop police brutality and I think that needs to be the next president. I agree with you that most of the victims are african americans and needs to be fixed. I like your information and I like your topic.

    • This issue is not only about the killing of black people and other minorities anymore. I think this issue is now about equal treatment in general and not only in killings by the police. Minorities should not have to worry about being pulled over as often. The only question going through the mind of someone who is pulled over is “what did I do wrong?” instead of “is it because I am black?”

  • Such a shame that Harambe had to die. Should’ve stepped up their zoo regulations.

  • I believe that racism and violence should be the main issues that the president addresses. Racism fuels violence, but I am also talking about global events, such as the Syrian civil war. If our nation fights

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