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What Social Media Does to Your Brain

This article talks about how heavy use of social media can negatively affect your brain. Doing anything for an extended period of time can cause changes in the brain. Most people are on social media for about two and a half hours. This amount of time can have effects on attention, memory, and reward pathways. Social media also makes […]

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In the article about video games and if they can cause aggressive behavior This article talks about how video games and aggression may have a connection. Since the rise of video games more and more people are playing them. This may lead people to think that video games are making people more aggressive and act out irrationally. After many […]

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Do video games create violent behavior?

This article talks about the relationship between violent video games and violent behavior in the real world. There have been many research studies to find out if there is a relationship between the two. After reading the article the connection between the two is very little and there are more factors that play into violent behavior. Video games don’t […]

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Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violence?

This article talks about the connection between violent video games and violent real-world events. A ton of people believe that there is a connection between gruesome video games and it leads to more violence in the real world. After studies, there has been found that there is no connection between the two, and violent real-world events are due to […]

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Sapiens a brief history of humankind Book Review

I chose to read Sapiens, a brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. I decided to read this book because I was having a deep conversation with my parents about what life is and why people make their decisions. We also talked about world problems and how sometimes we make bad choices that lead to disaster and that these […]

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How to make money online?

This website lists great ways to start making money and also some more links so that you can pick a way and dive right into it. It gives you a quick summary of what the way is and how to start. The first one that comes up is dropshipping and that is where you set up a store online and […]

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