• I am coleman williams. I live in america on the east coast in new york city. I am 14 years old. I go to school in manhattan. I like to play video games. I was born in late september during 2004. During life I

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    Dear Kelly:

    I am very impressed by your poem “you can do it” because of how realistic it its to school on the first day.

  • Where I’m FromI am from chairs paperAnd desksfrom the localPlaygroundfrom chocolate milkand ice creamI’m from the everlasting star thatIs the Barclays Centerfrom Shawn andAmandaI am from family prayersBefore din

    • I like this poem coleman but I feel you could elaborate or make it longer. It doesn’t seem to me as if this is too personal to you or like your really into what your saying. I like the part about the Barclays center when you referred to it as a “everlasting star”. I would like to know … are you from Brooklyn? If so the use of the barclays in such a way would make a lot of sense and if it’s not then of what signifigance is the Barclays to you?

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    Coleman WilliamsPower Of PoetryMArch 15 BrickThat brick, dirty brown heavyIt blocks us that brickWe can’t move it, can we? DirtyBrown brick don’t belongThe brick doesn’t laugh play orEat Or smile or learn No on

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