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Othello voice recording

Desdemona Othello recording Photo by Print this page. Author Chloe

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Othello Close Read

First Passage   Desdemona 1.3.208-218 My noble father, I do perceive here a divided duty: To you I am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me How to respect you; you are the lord of duty; I am hitherto your daughter: but here’s my husband, And so much duty as my mother show’d To […]

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How to Fix the Wage Gap in Medicine

With all the issues involving the discouragement of women, it seems like an impossible gap to fix. However, a few ideas come to mind that would help decrease this gap. First, decreasing the wage gap would encourage more women to enter the field. Second, requiring a ratio of women to men on hospital boards would allow for diversity as well […]

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Medical Specialty Discrimination

The only specialty that the number of women outweighed the number of men was pediatrics. This is stereotypical since women are often seen as ‘gentler’ and better with children, therefore they are pushed into this profession. The problem with being a pediatrician is you go to the same amount of medical school, pay the same amount of tuition, but get […]

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Wage Gap in the Medical Field

Imagine going to school for 8 plus years, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so, finally graduating, getting a job, and find out your getting paid $50,000 less than someone who is your ‘equal’. This is an everyday occurance for women in the medical field. Though the schooling, intelligence, and job position are exactly the same, the pay […]

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Stereotypes Leading Women Away from Health Care

Perhaps the most difficult and aggravating factor that discourages women from entering the medical field is stereotypes. Throughout the centuries, society as a whole has viewed women as wives, mothers, and domestic workers. Even during the women’s rights movement, the government was reluctant to give women the right to vote and allow them to work in the same places as […]

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Women in Medicine

An issue that I care about immensely is women’s rights in the workplace. In particular, women’s job opportunities in medical fields. As a woman who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, I feel anxiety about these issues continuing. Some issues facing women in medical fields are salary discrepancies, opportunity loss, and societies standards. In a study done by […]

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Lack of interest in history

For the past two generations, American students history grades have been dropping rapidly. describes this change as an effect of not being able to captivate the students and that they need to find fun ways to teach these topics. But why do students do well in math, science and English if the same teaching mechanisms are being utilized. says […]

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Social media play in society today

81 percent of Americans use some sort of social media platform today. 1.96 billion people use social media worldwide and this number is expected to double by 2018. The number will exponentially increase until eventually everyone who has access to social media will likely be on. Many people focus on the negatives of social media, such as unproductiveness caused by […]

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Geography and Political Opinions

It seems that people tend to have similar beliefs as those who live in the same geographic area as them. We see this in politics especially. An article from gives us reasoning on why people of similar political viewpoints tend to live in the same area. The author says, “when liberals find themselves in a conservative zip code, they’re more […]

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Do people congregate with people who are like them?

The Telegraph states that, “Earlier research revealed that the lower portion of a brain region called the “medial prefrontal cortex” (MPFC) is active when people consider themselves or people like them,” which potentially points to people choosing friends or groups is an innate human characteristic, rather than our own choice based on feelings of awkwardness. That means it’s something we […]

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