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  • Dear Blanca,

    I am very interested by your post, “Do we need the SAT/ACT?” because these tests allow the schools to see what a student has learned over the school year. These scores can be important because colleges require students to take this test. 

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “On the other hand, there is 62% of voter…Read More

  • Dear Juan,

    I am very interested by your post, “Daylights, Savings, Should It be Permanent” because it’s amazing how daylight savings time started and how we still use it to this day. I also didn’t know that the reason behind this was to save fuel during world war I as well as the pros and cons of this. 

    One sentence you write that stood o…Read More

  • Dear Omar, 

    I am Intrigued by your post, “Should Community College be free?” because of the decision of whether or not community colleges should be free since many good and bad things can come from this. For example, something positive is that students won’t have to stress so much about paying all their college debts, but if they are free,…Read More

  • Dear Geidi,

    I am interested in your post, “The Effects of Student Debt” because many students are left with a debt they can’t pay, leaving them with nothing left to spend on other necessities. Then this also means that they can’t take care of their health.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “I feel like they stress too much abou…Read More

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