• I picked a passage from Desdemona, lines 1.3.208-218. In this passage, Desdemona is speaking to her father meticulously but also with a bit of pain. She is torn between her father, who provided life, and Othello,

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    Jocelyn, while I can’t relate to your position exactly, I know how it feels to be stressed out and ready to finish high school! It may seem difficult to find the strength to keep going, especially when you are ready to graduate, but trust me, your success when you get your diploma will be all worth it. In the beginning you said you are sensitive…[Read more]

  • Hi Martin, I enjoyed your fresh perspective on the extent to which teachers should monitor online activity. While most students would advocate for privacy, you made some great points on why schools should step in. In the end of the second paragraph you said, “However besides the research you also should know the means of the bully and why they…[Read more]

  • Over the last few hundred years, racism has been encouraged, then fought against, looked down upon, and now fairly illegal in the form of hate crimes. While racism still exists, it is fought against in the form of

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    Brianna, this post is very self aware and it evokes in me a conscious perception of how I act around my peers at times. I agree that at times you find yourself sacrificing your individuality for a contrived thought of popularity. It is brave that you left your safety to find your real self and I can see now that you are unapologetically you. My…[Read more]

  • Student Debt is a crippling epidemic nowadays. People just trying to compete in this newly advancing economic society are stunted by student debt. Student debt doesn’t just affect some, it affects more than you

  • Nathaniel, I have seen this music video as well and I was too surprised. The artist does incorporate many references in a small time and I think that is what makes this music video, and song, so powerful. The article I have attached is an expert describing the symbolism used in the video. I found it very interesting and I think because of the…[Read more]

  • Ozzie, you article is very well informed and you present a contradiction of two different ideas well. Something that caught my attention was when you said “The reason teens get drunk is that from the beginning of time we have told them no and not to do it.” I think that since there is some truth to that, it is alarming that maybe our rules are…[Read more]

  • Adelphe, I clicked on this article because the topic of violence interests me. You article felt passionate and I appreciate your opinion and input on this situation. I am extremely curious about the program “Ceasefire” that you mentioned. I am also wondering if you personally live in the Bronx like you mentioned. Is gun violence a specific problem…[Read more]

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    Natalia, the book you are reading sounds compelling! I enjoyed how even though you don’t personally play soccer, you found a way to relate the book to your observations. Soccer does seem boring from the outside but even in my brief experiences I realize just how challenging it is. I am excited to hear about the rest of your book and maybe the text…[Read more]

  • This is a well thought out post about the values we seem to share as a nation despite our many disagreements. I agree with you that something we can all agree on is our free speech. Even if we cannot find things in everyday discussion that we agree with, we all can realize that everyone has their own opinion and that is something we value as an…[Read more]

  • Kassandra,
    I relate to your stereotypes presented about being a woman. I too feel like there is unnecessary pressure to conform when I can just do what I want. It is admirable how much you shared about yourself and I applaud you for being so vulnerable! By sharing your stereotypes that you feel, I feel more comfortable with myself. It is awesome…[Read more]

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    Your opinion is presented clearly and I can see you oppose the death penalty. Your reasoning is clear and precise. The statistics mentioned give a thorough understanding in the second part. But in order to form a well rounded argument, you should elaborate more on the side supporting the death penalty. You may want to check out this…[Read more]

  • I can see both sides of this argument. I think both of these arguments have good reasoning, uniform is expensive but in some cases it may reduce bullying because it is one less thing people can be bullied for. I can see why you had problems with these articles too because there are many holes in the argument. What is your opinion?

  • Your personal experience is something I can relate to. I agree, anxiety is something everyone deals with. The variance in which we experience anxiety is what makes us all different, which we need to embrace, but if everyone can understand that we are all the same in some ways, I think there would be less stigma around mental illness.

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    Based on the article you referenced, I would agree that Canada’s healthcare seems only logical for us too. However, I am wondering what it would cost America to get to the same point of free healthcare as Canada?

  • The death penalty is “execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense.” Right now, the death penalty is currently legal in 31 states and illegal in 19 sta

    • Your introduction to an opposing opinion is really good. I like the contrast of ideas.

    • I really like how you presented your idea but perhaps add more detail.

    • You addressed the issue in a quick and concise manner that shows a plethora of valid points. However the opposing ideals of the death penalty are not presented.

    • I like how you illustrate two different sides of the issue in detail. It’s reflective of how to issue is currently being debated and the common opinions on it.

    • This is a really interesting piece, Clara. I enjoyed how you presented both sides of the argument and gave them equal weight. I especially liked when you said “… it is only an industry that benefits attorneys and criminals meanwhile taking taxpayers dollars.” The thought of the death penalty benefiting lawyers and taking taxpayers’ money is something I had never thought about. I only wish the piece was a little longer and had more detail. I look forward to seeing more of your writing because it’s very concise and straightforward.

    • Clara, I think you provide really valid reasons as to why people think the death penalty should be either legal, or illegal. The quote from Pope Francis was very interesting to read and taught me how the Catholic Church views this issue, which I didn’t know before. However, I have read other sources that talk about how much more money is spent by housing criminals than by sentencing them to the death penalty, so I would like to know which is more accurate. If you find out more about the money spent, I would love to hear more about it.

    • I enjoyed how you incorporated the opposing views of the death penalty. I appreciate that you brought up this topic but I would disagree and say that some criminals would commit a crime due to the death penalty. The death penalty would mean minimal jail time and you could also argue that its better then rotting away in a jail cell for the rest of your life.

    • Hey Clara, I enjoy the way you started with a strong opening statement by offering the proper definition of the “death penalty”, and thus, starting the discussion. Although I do appreciate the showcasing of both perspectives of the story, I do believe you should dive deeper into one side of the story, or if you are commiting to touch both sides, at least provide more evidence for the pro death penalty side like you did for the ones opposing the death penalty. Overall, this passage was well-written.

    • I like the way you introduced the meaning of the death penalty and why it is a concern in todays day and age. I am one of the people that believe that the death penalty should be illegal because it is expensive and no person deserves death. As prison break has shown conviction is not solid. Proof will always be around and there is no 100% guilty person. Death may be better than living in captivity for your whole life, but in my opinion the death penalty should be the prisoners choice if they are serving a long sentence.

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