• When it comes to the concept of America, most people think of fast food and “The American Dream.” According to Damien Caves and Todd Heisler’s project-where they interviewed people along Interstate 35 ab

    • Hi Claire,

      I am Kaitlyn from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Utah. Your post is really interesting to me and had many different insights I have not thought about or heard before reading it. America is a very unique place in that most people come from many different places, cultures, and backgrounds. I agree with you when you say that America means diversity. Although some people see differences of people as something to be feared, I think diversity makes America intriguing and quite fascinating. It is super cool to think about all the different cultures in this country, and yet, we are all together and connected in our differences.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

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    Wow, I didn’t know that only one day of being vegan could have such an impact on the environment! I wonder how we can get more people committed to making this change.

  • Hi Theo,
    I agree that homelessness is a huge problem that needs more attention in The Bay. It’s become too normal to see mass numbers of homeless.

  • You say that the solution is to control where plastic ends up. I agree that it’s important to keep plastic out of the ocean, however I think the issue is far larger and requires a much more radical solution (eliminating certain plastics). I see where you’re coming from by saying that eliminating plastic bottles would put the public health at risk.…[Read more]

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