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    Hey Diego, I liked the way you set this up. I think it being in poem format gives the story more emotion and insight into what you were feeling at the time. Thanks for writing.

  • Hi Natalie, I think this is really awesome work. I completely agree that a vaccine for Alzheimers could be so life changing and effect people in my own life positively as well. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Song of Achilles Book Review

    The 2011 novel, Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is a retelling of the well known Greek iliad of Achilles written from the perspective of his companion and lover, Patroclus. Song of Achilles itself is a stand alone novel....

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    • I also read this book over the summer, and I really liked it. I agree that it had a good mix of adventure and romance, which really helped keep me interested. I really liked how you wrote, “I find that the greatest books leave you with the strongest emotions and questions.” This thought definitely holds true. This book left me with many questions, and one, in addition to yours, is about the idea of fate, and whether fate is actually destined or if we just make it happen because we think it’s supposed to happen. I think that the questions that this book arose made it such a good book. I really enjoyed reading your review.

    • I love this book! I completely agree Claire. Miller’s writing is poetic yet simplistic and truly sucks the reader into the story. Even though the story of the Trojan War has been told for centuries, she manages to tell it in a way that revitalizes the characters and themes

    • I really like the way you described this book I’ve heard so many great things about this book and it’s definitely on my list. I can’t wait to read it.

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    Is there life beyond Earth?

    Is there life beyond Earth? I would say yes, I think it’s very likely that there is life beyond earth or there was at some point in time. This doesn’t have to be extraterrestrial beings either this can include...

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  • Hey Jiang, this was really interesting to read about. There has definitely been a change across generations. I never thought too much into why though. But, it makes a lot of sense, having kids is so expensive and the emotional stress that can come with it is a lot. I think there’s also a lot less societal pressure to have kids now a day and people…Read More

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Song of Achilles Book Review

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