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  • I really that you provided the idea that social media can be used to benefit teens with the process of communication, and you presented the idea how it can be harmful. I found it interesting that you said teens are now finding new ways to make texts/communication become shorter and shorter through slang: I realize I do this but did not know I did…Read More

  • Peyton, I liked that you used the example of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s relationship to describe the need for empathy. It is important for us to understand that we can not judge individuals based off of a single story we have been told. Showing empathy for Bryce’s relationship will decrease the judgement we have and increase understanding tha…Read More

  • Claire wrote a new post

    Empathy in Action

    A single story can impact how empathy plays a role in identity in many ways. Empathy can play a big role in a person’s identity because it allows individuals to put themselves in another’s shoes and experience their situation....

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  • Paige, I really liked that you provided examples of reasons why a single story could damage somebody’s reputation. I found the quote interesting that says negative online experiences have a greater impact than the positive online experiences do.



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