• There has been a big talk about poverty in the world and even in America. According to the Huffington Post about 14.5% of americans live below the poverty line, and get some form of assistance from the government.

  • This survey was very interesting concept to do a capstone on, and a topic that has had a lot of talk the past couple years. I liked all the questions you asked in the survey because I feel they spark your mind in a way to make you think about what genetic engineering is. I am excited to see what the results are, and I hope you share them with us.…[Read more]

  • Hi Montana, I think your topic is very interesting, and I do think you bring up a valid point. Being on your phone, and technology has put a major strain on mental and physical health. I know from myself, that I suffer from withdrawals from my phone, and have often times choose to stay on my phone rather than getting exercise, or working on my…[Read more]

  • Rim, I am very intrigued by your topic of research. I think racism is a very important topic, and it affects the lives of many people within the United States, as well as other countries. The sources that you linked too are very insightful, and I believe that all of the reasons are issues today, and cause an issue towards racism. But on the other…[Read more]

  • Hi Issa, I think this topic is very interesting and a very needed topic to discuss. This past summer I went to Thailand for a service trip, and I witnessed what it was like for impoverished countries to not care about women’s education. Its shocking that 1.1 million people in the world are currently not going to school and that roughly 70% of that…[Read more]

  • Ceceli, I found it interesting that your post was about being an only child. I know that being an only child, has played a big part in your life, and I can kind of relate to being an only child. My brothers have both recently left home, and I definitely do feel more independent without them being at the house. The statement “The scans of those…[Read more]

  • I found this information on Utah Department of Health. The website is linked above.

  • Mental Health is an ongoing issue within the Utah community. According to Utah Department of Health, the average total charges per year for ER visits and hospitalizations for suicide attempts was $4.2 million for

    • Dear Caleigh
      I am intrigued by the fact so many people are not that happy in Utah. One thing that stands out to me is the fact that “the youth ages 10-13 make up 13.0%. Of those 13.0% people 5.01% are suicides.” How did you find out this information to know. I would like to know more because I think it would interesting to see what the total percent of suicides are in the whole U.S.A

    • Caleigh, I found this post very intriguing. It also astounds, yet doesn’t surprise me that Utah has such a high suicide rate. I have looked into the linkage of Mormon religion and teen suicide very thoroughly in my own studies. This article here
      ( http://religionnews.com/2016/03/12/study-shows-link-teen-suicide-mormon-populations/ ) was very interesting to me and it showed how the high mormon population can have an effect on mental illness and suicide. I myself have had some very close personal experience with observing an individual who was raised in a strict LDS family who eventually committed suicide and I’ve seen how a lot of outsiders have blamed it on the religion itself. I see how this could come across as offensive towards the LDS religion however, I do believe there is a direct effect, especially with the views held in the religion itself towards LGBTQ individuals. This topic really interests me and I hope to find out more about how this linkage is represented.

    • This was a very eye-opening post Caleigh. I think you discussed a topic that most of society is too scared to address, and I am very impressed with the manner in which you did this. I think you gave a lot of accurate information that was backed up by statistics and resources. However, I wish you would elaborate or explain more on the statistics. While numbers give you proof of what your arguing they can sometimes be hard to comprehend and your article would be stronger if your reader completely understood the message you were trying to convey. I think the quote “they say In 2014 (the year the most recent data is available), the % Mormon in a U.S. state is associated with a higher level of youth suicides in that state” is very interesting. While I think it’s a good point I think you should maybe restate it in a way that would not come across as offensive to those in the LDS community. While it is a good point that backs up your argument, just remember the different people making up your audience.

      I think if you wrote about how we can address this as a society and the solutions to this increasing problem your reader would feel more compelled to share your article and its solutions. I am very intrigued to see what you write next on this topic, and if you address how you personally think we will address this. I suggest looking at this article. It might give you some ideas to elaborate on!


      Can’t wait to read more- Tess

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