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    I love this post Danielle and thank you for sharing this article. I too agree with you, and I do not take this viewpoint easily. I appreciate what you said about this and finding the common ground.

    First of all, everyone has good intentions with this issue. Both sides want what’s best for the pregnant mother. The resulting disagreement is over…Read More

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    How does the medium distort the meaning?

    "The medium is the message." -Marshall McLuhan. The first step to discovering what the correlation is between medium and message is accepting the fact that there is a relationship between medium and message. In his book Understanding Media: The Extensions...

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    • WOW! and that’s an acronym for wow oh wow. I agree that how intimate you are to your work has a profound effect on a job. However, I would also argue that when you change the medium you undoubtedly change the meaning at least slightly. Another thought experiment you may be interested in Paperclip theory. It’s unrelated but similar style of thinking.

    • Hmmm, I have never thought about the importance of the medium so much. I think that in some situations the medium has a larger message than the art itself. For example this article has a list of art with strange mediums.


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