• Dear Ishak,
    I am inspired by your post, thinking that you and your family had to run out of your own country because of war and because everything was turning inside out, the story make me think about a book I read and also today in my country the same thing is happening not a war between countries but a civil war and now my country turned…[Read more]

  • Walking on the street, I was coming home from school.  Where I could see merchants setting on the sidewalk selling their merchandise, things like mangos, bananas, and also clothes. 

    I didn’t want to wal

    • Dear Chelsie,

      I am Kerly, and I am charmed by your story, A sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “A week ago my mom and I were sitting together, I was doing my homework, and my mom was selling clothes in front of the house. Mr Robert, an old friend of the family for a very long time, was passing by and he saw something that attracted him. I bought the clothes from my mom for $ 150, but never paid her for them. pay her the next day, but never did. So since then, I had to avoid him. ” I loved this paragraph of your story because it is something that once in our life will happen to someone.

      This reminds me of an experience I once had with a friend in Ecuador, because a friend asked me to lend her $ 5 and never paid me.

      Thanks for writing I hope to see what you write next, because I really like how you write your stories because they are so interesting.

      From: Kerly Dutan

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    I am from a dark orange house 

    on Rue Sylvia Ponlonge, 

    where a natural breeze 

    entered through big open windows.  

    I am made of watching all the people pass by below me

     and the noisy school child

    • Chelsie,
      This piece did a very good job describing who you are and what you enjoy. When you said “I am made of watching all the people pass by below me

      and the noisy school children in red and black uniforms playing on the street.” I could relate to that because when I was young I would look out my window and watch people walk by on the street. Good writing.

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