• As technology advances, children spent less time going outside losing their creativity. Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. With the

  • Hey Luis, I like your poem and your dedication to workout daily and every morning. It’s a good habit to maintain and will help you live longer. There are many positive effects for working out such as boosting your happiness level, improving energy, and sleeping better. I found an article that talks more about the benefits of exercise that you may…[Read more]

  • It’s Saturday afternoon, you text your friends your going to hangout with them in the evening. As soon as after you text them, you decide to open up Instagram just to scroll through your newsfeed, you get tired o

    • Hey Christopher! I loved reading about this topic. I believe that especially as Americans, we can see this addiction of technology all around us and even in ourselves sometimes. I do believe it’s true that we live in a time where our technology could lead us to great discoveries and innovations, but how easy will it be to stay on the right side of technology? I specifically think that technology right now is playing a big role in our education, both positively and negatively. Here’s an article that goes more into depth about technology in education: http://edtechreview.in/trends-insights/insights/277-role-of-technology-in-21st-century

    • Hello Christopher, I found your article interesting! Depending on who you ask, this problem is either critically irrelevant or negligible to our generation. While you did say that cellphones are making us “shallow thinkers”, I would like to argue another point. I find that technology and cellphones, especially, allow younger generations access to incredible amounts of information. As a result, we are shifting away from the traditional forms of research (finding a topic and expounding information predominantly from one source) and instead focuses on quantity over quality. While we do lack in-depth knowledge about any one topic, we often make up for it in the amount of supporting evidence from diverse sources and abstracts to support our information. Here is an article I think you would find interesting to read regarding your topic: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/306868/

    • Christopher,

      This topic was very interesting to read as i have had this same question in my head. I would say technology does help and also hurt creativity. I personally think technology helps people learn about more things easier than reading books, it helps with people who can’t afford books and need free access to information. This article i read talk about the good and the bad about technology on the youth i think it’d be a good read for you https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-moment-youth/201211/generation-tech-the-good-bad-and-scary

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    Hello Quan, your poem is very deep and I really like it. You talk about the first day school and how different people are emotionally and physically. You also talk about standing up for yourself and not let society control you, which I fully support this. I believe everyone should do what they want and not let society or people discourage you from…[Read more]

  • Hey Thomas, I like your post about writing, and how important writing is to a human being. Writing is a very powerful tool and weapon, many say that writing is one of the most powerful weapon in the world. I like how you state “the act of writing in a consistent way opens up the human mind in ways that could never have been opened before” writing…[Read more]

  • Hey Fredrick,

    I agree with your post, I believe that the wealthy should pay a majority of the taxes to help the less fortunate such as the lower class and most of the middle class. I like how you quote the article and state some statistic saying “the poorest 20 percent of Americans paid an average of 10.9 percent of their income in state and…[Read more]

  • Hey, Luis

    I really like your goals in 20 years. I like how you describe what kind of cars you will have and what type of house you will be living in. It is good to set goals, and have a career as you get older which you chose computer engineering. Before you can achieve these goals, you need to take steps on how you want to get there, which is…[Read more]

  • It is more common to find people on their phones looking at social apps, playing games, or texting rather than communicating to others face to face. Today’s generation find it difficult to talk to people because i

  • Hey Erick, I hope you achieve this goal. If you put your mind into something it is possible. I like how you describe the scenery of the what you will be doing, in which you state what time you wake up, what you will do in the flight, and how you will end the day. Before you can reach these goals of becoming an NBA player, you have to take steps…[Read more]

  • Srihita, I found your post to be intriguing, I like how you address the idea of euthanasia and if it should be accepted in today’s society. Throughout each of your survey, you ask question about whether or not euthanasia should be approved and most people said yes, however they disagree with the idea that euthanasia should be used on kids. I don’t…[Read more]

  • Marvin, I like your article. I also communicate in different ways depending on who I am with and the location of the situation. The way I communicate in class is different from the way I communicate outside of school, such as with friends or with family members. Learning when is the right time to speak to one person, is an important skill to have.…[Read more]

  • Casey, I really enjoy your article. I am an immigrant who came to America to seek better life and I believe everyone else has the intention in doing the same. I like how you stated “citizenship is so hard to attain that many people don’t bother even trying to get it.” This is very true, most of the people trying to receive citizenship have a h…[Read more]

  • As a high school senior, in less than a year, I will be going to college. However, the cost of college and living in the dorms are expensive. Colleges prices keep increasing and many people, including myself, have

    • Chris,

      I really enjoyed your post because of how relatable it was for me. I feel the same way about the cost of college, it is a little bit pricey. As a high school senior, waiting to move out and follow his dreams. I feel moving away and going to college is the best choice but, wanting to go out of state is hard for most people to do. The cost is so high just to go out of state. without receiving any kind of financial aid this move may seem impossible. I think college prices should be a little bit lower and we should be given a better opportunity to go out of state. below I left a link of why some kids go to community colleges to get more financial money to be able to expand and go beyond where they desire. thank you for your post.


  • Hello Franciely, your post took me by surprise. I agree with one of your student, you do have a right to speak whatever language you want. One of America’s constitution is allowing free speech, therefore the teacher who was against you and your friends for speaking Spanish is wrong. I like how you stated that “I have the right to speak whatever…[Read more]

  • Kayden, I found your post to be interesting. I think that the government should only have a limit amount of power and we should have the freedom to do what we want. I like how you stated what three major roles the government should play like protecting the citizens from outside sources, justice rights, and public goods. As a US citizens, I believe…[Read more]

  • As a society people are becoming more stress than previous generation. To know why many people are becoming stress, we first have to define stress. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand o

  • Jalayah, this topic that you brought up is important. I believe college tuition should also be reduce to a point where everyone has a chance to go to college, if they want to. I don’t believe that just because you don’t have enough money you can’t go to college. One thing you said that I can relate to is “30% of americans have such an aversion to…[Read more]

  • Casey, I also agree with you. I really don’t know what the best way is to stop gun violence in America. I think restriction on gun laws and banning gun in general will reduce the amount of mass shooting, but won’t necessarily stop it. I don’t know if there will ever be a stop to mass shooting. One thing I like about your post is when you stated…[Read more]

  • Refugee, black student trying to succeed.

    • Christopher, i can tell there is a lot of emotion coming from this post , and if you list times of racism or discrimination i will happily fight them with you but it’s such a problem when people claim victimhood but never prove it. i need to know specifically if you want others help. statistically speaking african americans have a higher chance of getting into college they just dont take that chance. and the picture you used has thought and good intent behind it but i just dont see police brutality anywhere. and again if you can point any instance for me i will gladly stand behind you but i just dont see it.

  • Hi Kayden,
    I found your article to be engaging you talk about which ninja turtle are you? I feel like I’m either Donatello or Michaelangelo. This article expresses what type of person are you and how your personality correlates to a ninja turtle. I feel like you should’ve had an intro paragraph about the topic and introduce that there are four…[Read more]

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