• At Judge Memorial Catholic Highschool, we have a school uniform policy. To me, it seems like there are different opinions on how people feel about school uniforms. But a world vote, says that 86 percent of

    • I agree with that students in school should be wearing uniform. Uniforms are a good idea but it blocks how much money kid’s parents can make and to avoid children trying to express themselves and finding their self identity. But there is a serious problem that the uniforms are too expensive for those of student‘s parents who don’t have economic conditions. I highly recommend that the school should decrease the price of those uniform.

    • Hi Cam,
      I found your piece very interesting. I have worn a uniform ever since I was in Kindergarten. I understand that it blocks people from expressing themselves or having a creative identity. However, I personally like uniforms. Maybe it is because I have spent my whole life wearing one, but I find them easy and convenient. I think that wearing uniforms is easier than having to find something new to wear everyday. Also, uniforms can offer a sense of inclusion to some kids. I agree with your when you said “Having a uniform dress code also has a lot of up sides. It prevents gang violence, make it easier for kids to dress, gives pride, promotes learning, etc.” I really enjoyed reading what you had to say, nicely done.

  • Everyday we recycle to save waste and to make things reusable. But some think that it’s not the best way to throw away and reuse materials. They think this because the process of recycling uses up a lot of energy

  • In today’s society, we have a serious problem with gun control. It seems like in the US, there are mixed feelings about gun control. In our country, we have gang violence, murders, school shootings, and so much

  • Hey there Eggert, its Cam. I saw your post and the photo got my attention. Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to see you work in tech and I’ve seen you grow with your “technical stuff”. I don’t know a lot about being apart of a great power and of someone who is intelligent, who has made it far in life. But Bill Gates once said, “Su…[Read more]

  • Over the last couple of years we have seen a massive growth is our oceans trash and specifically the plastic. The trash is affecting our oceans animals and putting there health in danger. “Plastic has been f

    • Great article Kevin! I have been trying to recycle but people keep telling me that its a waste of time. They don’t get the importance of it I guess.

    • I think this is a great post about the environmental effects of plastic in the oceans. Like you said, it is important to do something about this issue before it becomes too late. On that note, I would like to ask if you have looked at or read any articles that propose possible solutions to this threat. “We need to start showing the public this problem and making them aware of it”, I agree, but not only should we become aware of the problem; it is of utmost importance to have a viable solution that will be effective in reducing or eliminating plastic waste from the global ecosystem. Here I have linked an article that presents various solutions:

    • Good job Cam, I think that this is a great message to get out to the people. think that people don’t get the full idea of what they actually do to our oceans.

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