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  • I have read this book and also seen the movie so I completely understand what you are trying to say and I agree, Hazel is a very cautious person and she does not want anyone to feel sorry for her in any way. I agree with the three characteristics you identified her as because throughout the whole movie and book she identifies herself as scared,…Read More

  • Hey ZQ, I found your post very interesting. I can see where this article is coming from, our country is on top but I believe it is because our country has a ton of factories and it pollutes the air a lot. I will be very interested if you do a follow up post! Thank you..

    Cindy Reynosa

  • Hey Diana, this post is very interesting! Maybe because this is very unusual to us, but I find it crazy how the monkeys became to adapt to the pandemic and then eventually started attacking people. I will be looking into this article and see what has happened ever since. Thank You for the interesting post !

  • Cindy commented on the post, Champions League

    Hey Morgan, I find your article very interesting! This situation is crazy, watching the game would be crazy. I would like to know what happened after that game, Did they ever talk about the situation, Did the ref get fired? i will be looking forward to your update, Thank you!

    -Cindy Reynosa

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    2020 Presidential Election

    This year's presidential election is a very controversial topic, I have seen many people stand on one side strongly. Yet, I have also seen many people choose one side because they do not like the other side. Many people...

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  • Dear Diana, I have took the time to read your statements about virtually traveling and I have found it very interesting. This whole pandemic situation has started because of China and and started out there but it is crazy how they are finding a way to make money out of it. I found this topic very interesting and hope to read more about it, Thank You Diana.

  • Dear Heidi, I agree with your post and I believe what you are saying is very true. I believe in this state the immigrants are the people who do the worst jobs are get recognized the least. Immigrants are getting paid minimum wage and have the hardest jobs. I hope I hear more from you Heidi, I really enjoyed your statements.

    -Cindy Reynosa

  • Dear Melissa, I found your post very interesting because coming from the same community I was aware that these fires were occurring but I did not know that they were so dangerous. It is so sad to think that people are losing their home and businesses because of these crazy fires. I hope that the firefighters are staying health and well taken care…Read More


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