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    Ciara commented on the post, The Seashell

    Your poem’s imagery is fantastic! I can really imagine the scene you describe, There are few poems that can make you see things like that. Your line “Above it, the sharp edges making a new shape within the sand
    The object stays hidden begging to be found” is very interesting. Good job!

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    Ciara commented on the post, The Ocean Crashes

    I really enjoyed your poem. The imagery you used was fantastic, it’s very easy to imagine the scene you describe in your poem. Your line “Explore my different colors and textures” is especially captivating.

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    Ciara commented on the post, She Remembers

    Your poem is very moving. It has a very bittersweet feeling. I connect to the feeling of wanting to learn about someone, and never being able to have a real connection with them. The line “There are no more memories/And she does remember her death.” Your poem is fantastic and moving.

  • Bella-
    Your words are very powerful. The issue of rape culture is one very prevalent in today’s society. As someone who has grown up with strict dress codes and school uniforms, this poem hits too close to home. I remember being told “Your mother needs to buy you a new uniform, it’s far too short. The boys will look” I was horrified! I couldn’t…Read More

  • Cami, this is a very insightful post and i agree with it completely, your argument is concise and interesting. As a genderqueer person, i find it heartwarming that so many people are supportive.

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