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    My project was about food deserts and taking action can be sort of difficult. As young people of Oakland we realized that

  • April 21, 2019

    Dear Mayor Schaaf:

    We are writing to you because it’s absurd how few grocery stores are in Oakland. Based on our research on Yelp we found that there were no grocery stores between 7

    • Hi Chrisy, you did a great job on this post. You had a very good argument and backed it up with really important facts. These points that were made are true and it should be announced that Oakland should get another grocery store. Making sure everyone is available to get the right nutrients and foods for their body is key for a healthy lifestyle. You’re idea of a rooftop garden is very creative and effective as well. With not have the resources from a grocery store can make eating organically very hard to do. With the rooftop it makes your idea perfect! Overall, great job and I enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    • Hi Christy,
      I was very pleased about reading your post on “Food Deserts”. I never knew about this issue until now, and I think you did a great job discussing your issue. The fact that you not only discuss your issue and directing your attention to someone who can help, Mayor Schaaf, as well as discussing solutions that don’t necessarily mean more supermarkets. One thing that stood out to me was “This is due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers markets, and healthy food providers. Food deserts have become a large problem helping to fuel our national obesity and diabetes epidemic. Rural areas commonly have local convenience stores that provide mostly highly-processed, fattening and sugar-added food and drinks” because it told me how exactly this can affect me or someone I know if they were facing this issue; and I wouldn’t want that. It’s much easier to call attention to an issue that is affecting our lives negatively and how we can improve it. To add, your interest in providing another solution was very helpful for those who feel that creating another supermarket might not be feasible. Moreover, you helped build a general idea on how others can organize a rooftop garden to assist in ameliorating the problem such as the “rooftop garden would have fruits and vegetables grown in our schools. There would be adult supervision, of course, and the rooftop garden would only be open to specific people to go on top of the roof…” Thanks for writing this post. I hope to learn even more about this issue and see if you will be as successful as I imagine. I also have a similar cause but not nearly as significant, which is building a community garden. If you’d like you could visit if your interested at https://projectgarden.home.blog/. I hope to inspire others like you inspired me about improving the issue on food deserts as well as making or having such an important cause.

  • Dear, Flynn Baog
    My name is Christy and I am a 9th grader at life academy. I really like how your poem expands one’s thinking and talks about a serious topic on how these things need to be stopped or how they arent okay. Comparing how gas is is almost as free but water and food cost a lot, it shows the changes we need to make in our society and…[Read more]

  • Fahrenheit 451 is about a society that has a government that has hegemonic ideologies. They enforce these hegemonies using firefighters. Their job is to destroy books, which are illegal along with the house that

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    Thank for reading my blog Kimbo 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. And sex trafficking is a big but small topic to write about. It’s a area of metal and physical damage to the body and brain and it’s important that we know about it.

      • Christy posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

        Thank you so much for reading my blog Bryan 🙂 . It’s nice that you are happy about the topic I wrote about. I hope you learned something new about sex trafficking and how we can possibly prevent it or at least try to make the percentages of sex trafficked people go lower.

          • Dear Diego,

            You did a great job incorporating different ethnic backgrounds for how our community is a community of color and how many people of color don't feel safe. When you gave this example, “For example, in my class there is around 30 people, and ten out of those 30 don’t feel safe in their community meaning that 1 third of the children don…[Read more]

          • Dear Kassandra,
            You did a great job explaining One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is,”This proves that people are moving out of Oakland because she’s considered moving out since she can’t afford to live there.” This sentence stood out to me because it shows the perspective on what Maria Santillan thinks and it shows a mother’s struggl…[Read more]

          • Christy Vong

            9th grade humanities


            12/21/18                                      Undercover Modern Day Sex Slavery


            Do you know what sex trafficking is? Do you know that it happens quite often?

            • Dear Christy,

              I am proud about your topic that you have chosen for your blog. I also liked how you named it Undercover Modern Day Sex Slavery because people who see this and reads it would think multiple things about it, and would want to click on it. I agree with you when you stated in your analysis that “A lot of people don’t know what sex trafficking is and it’s important to know what it is because sex trafficking can happen by choice or not. Sex trafficking is very dangerous to the body mentally and physically, so to prevent it we need to know about it and realize how serious sex trafficking is so we can make a change” I agree on this because I didn’t know what sex trafficking was until you told me about it and how serious it was. This shows that no one really talks about this serious issue or really knows about it so I like how your bring people’s attention by doing a blog about it.

            • Dear, Christy
              I am happy about the topic you choose because nobody decided to write about this and literally nobody talks about undercover modern day slavery. A part that I liked was how you stated in your blog, “A lot of people don’t know what sex trafficking is and it’s important to know what it is because sex trafficking can happen by choice or not”. I agree with this because there’s some people who think is a choice. But I really like how you decided to write about this topic.

          •   Hi. My name is Christy and I am a 9th grader at Life Academy. This poem is about what I see in my community and what a lot of people go though. This poem illustrates a life that is hard to talk about,

            • Dear Christy, I really enjoy how you tell your poem from your perspective. One sentence that stood out to me is when you said Papa was a drug dealer because they wanted to buy you (or the main protagonist) candy and would do anything to make you happy. Something you can clarify is who is telling the story because it sounded like it was your story but it wasn’t. Thanks for writing and I am looking forward to seeing more pieces like this.

            • Dear Christy :

              I am really impressed with your poem, “This is What I See,” because throughout the whole poem it makes the reader imagine the actions or events happening in the poem. As well as I was reading this poem, it gives you a sense of emotions that make you feel bad for children and families in your community. However, there is also a sense excitement for the risen motivation of the child when living in bad times and the resolutions that ended the poem. A sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Mama goes to work at 6:00 in the morning and comes back 9:00 at night.” I think that sentence was a part in the poem that made the readers feel the true burden of what you see, or the reasoning of the child of wanted the best for his mother. Overall, your poem reminds me of the struggle my parents go through, it also reminds me of why I worked so hard to go to college. Hence, you have good writing skills, keep up the hard work, and be like the child: defeating the struggle(s).

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            Dear Kassandra,
            I love how you put so many little magazine bits that mean a lot to you, this is a really eye catching shadow box and beautifully displayed art of yourself. I really likes when you explained your box and said “On the outside, it has images like people holding guns because since I’m from Oakland, “I must be violent; I must be…[Read more]

            • Dear Christy Vong,
              Thank you for your comment! I appreciate that you took the time to read this, thank your for your support. I really appreciate it!

          • Dear Valerie,
            Your shadow box is really beutiful and unique. One sentece you wrote that stands out for me is “I see myself as a proud Mexican female who stands up for others by using my words as my weapons.” I really like this quote because it expresses how you are a proud Mexican female and that you aren’t what people say you are. Another…[Read more]

          • This shadow box represents me in the inside and how the world sees me on the outside. The outside of my box represents the dominant narrative which is what society sees. Society thinks that all girls are supposed

            • Hello Christy,
              I agree with you when you mentioned that society tries to box people in based on their gender, especially for girls. It’s great that you recognize that being yourself is the best way to be!

              Also, I love that simple, yet effective statement at the end, “Family first.” Thanks for sharing!

            • Dear Christy,
              I agree with the way that you say that people tend to base everything off of your gender or the way that we look often trying to guess our ethnicities. I also put my family before anything so I love that you mentioned the little part about your family.

          • Dear Nacia,
            I am interested in your box and I think it looks great. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “The cup represents how milk makes everyone strong so by me drinking it I become a stronger woman, and the hearts represent how I have my heart set on the two parts of me, Japan and America.” I really like this sentence because…[Read more]

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