• Dear Sophie,
    I am surprised by your post, “Is Technology Affectiong Our Relationships?”
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “When we send confortantational messages over phone rather than in person it blocks us from registering the negative emotional responses, which gives the illusion that we’re not really doing harm” because i…[Read more]

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    Dear Janyah,
    I am inspired by your post ¨My Body,” because it is very true. We females should always have self love in order for someone to love or feel for us.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, ¨Most outcomes are stravation, trying to gain weight, suicide, and depression” I think this is true because I see a lot of females nowad…[Read more]

  • Dear Leaders of America,


       Hi, my name is Christy-Lynn Lagula, I’m 15 years old and I currently stay in Oakland, Ca and I am a 11th grader at Fremont High. What I learned from researching Char

    • Good job! I am really impressed with this. I liked your solution about how we should build more shelters for the homeless in order to help them out and keep the streets looking clean. I really believe that if more shelters were built that would help a lot. I cant wait until you post again because it was very educational to read and there was very good solutions.

    • Dear Christy,

      I can see that you are passionate about this issue with homeless and police brutality, America has lots of issues and those are absolutely an issue. But, do you think that offering shelter to the homeless should be our priority right now? Don’t you think that the immigration problem happening right now is more important? Lots more lives are at stake with trump threatening to deport immigrants. So, why shouldn’t we focus on a bigger problem right in front of our faces right now? Police brutality is a pretty big issue as well, but I would like to ask how the leaders of America will be able to solve the police brutality problem. They can’t watch over every police out there are make sure that nothing happens. The system will have slip up sometimes so how you you make sure that doesn’t happen, because just the leaders alone will not solve the problem.
      Thanks for lifting up your voice and sharing your opinion. -Kevin

    • Hi Christy, Good job on your essay! I like how you stated all the issues you would like our leaders to fix and I agree that police brutality is an important issue to solve. Keep up the good work!

    • dear Christy your essay has really impacted me because this is real and they should be making homeless shelters for people that are homeless and this would help by maintain clean in the streets of oakland. what did you mean about teens like your age has been killed because of violence you.

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