• From what I read, I can’t really relate to the author as i was born in the US but come from two immigrant parents. But the story and reason on why Dominican republic people come to the US is practically the same as Mexican people or any country people such as the North Koreans,China,India,cuban, and many more just because there’s a lack of…[Read more]

  • People like talking while I don’t, I prefer the silence I guess. I can tolerate people talking but the big talkers, you know like the girls who don’t shut up about every single detail that happens each second of

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      I commend you for making an effort to understand the constant talkers and their viewpoints. I am a relatively quiet person and I don’t love making small talk. I love talking about things that actually matter. It is funny how something as little as background music can allow a person to focus or calm down. It blows me away the power music can have on our everyday lives. Interesting piece, Chris.

    • Hi Chris 🙂
      I’m in the middle of this category, I talk too much but I also like being alone a lot. I liked how you were able to gain some understanding from writing this article. I thought this quote somewhat reigned true since I am socially awkward: “I think big talkers or people who have to have a random sound going in the background keeps them from being awkward when having someone around or keeps them from thinking negative thoughts. ” Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being honest. Sometimes silence is amazing.

      -Natalie 🙂

    • Chris,
      This is an extremely interesting article. I used to live in silence. I was a super shy kid who just didn’t ever end up talking to people. However recently I have found a passion for music. I almost always have music playing or I am playing my own music. I play in two bands and I have found that it acts as my form of expression or venting, similar to how you said, big talkers talk because “it’s their way to vent something out when they talk”. Here is an interesting article about the actual health benefits of silence. https://psychcentral.com/blog/the-hidden-benefits-of-silence/

    • Personnally, my least favorite type of talkers are the ones without boundaries. Specifically the ones who ask you questions or try to make conversation while you have your earbuds in. I think it’s just rude. I found it interesing to compare your post to my life, becuase there are times I completely agree with you, and times where I don’t, and I times where I am guilty of everything you describe.

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  • I dont like getting into political stuffs so honestly as long as Donald Trump is out for his abuse on his power is fine and as long as we get a better President who isn’t like trump that would be nice too.

  • Hey Mitchell, Your writing ‘The importance of hard work in America” was for the most part interesting and I enjoyed reading it and getting to know a story of your grandfather and remember the people of our past who helped and fought for a cost for their freedom. All of that showed extreme hard work and strength.

    Though something did stood out…[Read more]

  • Gracias por leyendo mi escritura. pero como leyiste si esta en ingles?

  • My biggest wonder and burning question is: How advanced is technology going to get?

    Technology has always been advancing since the start of mankind. In our modern time right now we have what I think most of us

    • Estimado christopher:

      Estoy de acuerdo con tu publicación, ” Nuestro avance “, porque es verdad que hoy en día la tecnología está muy avanzada. Nuestros jóvenes de ahora han descubierto muchas cosas a través de la tecnología. Es algo muy bueno pero a la vez malo por que hay jovenes que utilizan la tecnologia para hacer cosas innecesarias.
      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “ La tecnología siempre ha estado avanzado desde el comienzo de la humanidad ” creo que esto es muy importante por que la tecnologia dia con dia avanza mucho más. Cada día descubrimos muchas cosas nuevas que son a través de la tecnología.
      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, por que me gusta mucho lo que publicas. Es muy importante que estemos enterados de todos los avances de la tecnología que surgen dia con dia.

  • Thanks for reading my Bio, and glad you enjoyed it. Practicing is all I do 0^0

  • Hey Christian, its an interesting goal you have to be in the NFL or NBA as its very hard to get into a thing but im wishing ya luck if you continue to play sports.Its cool that you’re trying to get better at art, I do art myself traditional and digital. A tip I wanna give you about art and is that keep practicing even though the drawing or p…[Read more]

  • My name is Christopher. I was born in 2002, on June 23rd, so that makes me 17 years old. I’ve lived my whole life in New York, bouncing from place to place a few times in life, but I finally settled in the

    • Hi Christopher, I liked reading your post and I’m also not really sure what I really like about school or what I want to go to college for, but if you like art you should pursue that. I think it would be an exciting field to get into, although I’m not the most creative person.

    • This is a very interesting story. I can relate to many of the things you said. And if you’re into art, do something with art if that makes you happy. Art is very great way to express yourself and there is nothing wrong with not being the best at it right now but you will get better as long as you keep practicing. Art does keep it interesting and fun. I enjoyed reading your story.

    • Hey Christopher, I liked your story. If you are passionate about art I think you should share it and learn from what others say about it. Let art express who you are. The art you create can reflect about who you are and what your life is like. Art is pretty amazing. Keep on keeping on. I enjoyed reading your story and maybe one day you will make a piece of art for the world to see.

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