• Dear Evelin,
    your box was very well detailed with pictures of yourself when you were younger and pictures with your family. I also loved how you used the mexican flag to show your pride of your country it is really moving because of all the drama that is going on you still care about your home even though you are here. I also…[Read more]

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    Dear Ulises,
    I am fascinated by your box because you used a big Mexican flag to represent your home country. I also like that you used an American flag on the other side of your box, even tho its small it shows were you live and were you life started. In addition I like how you put the oakland tree in your box because it…[Read more]

  • The inside of the box represents me because it has images on the back wall of me and family/friends. These represent me because I care and love my family and friends deeply. I also added a campsite in my box

    • Dear, Christina

      I like your shadow box because it shows on your little essay that you like nature, and exploring the world. And I can see that you have a dream school and that is a goal you would like to meet some day for you can be a zoologist or vetnerania.

    • Dear Christina,
      I really enjoyed seeing all the details and objects that you incorporated on your box. Your box clearly shows who you are as a person and what you like. I think that you did a very great job with all the colors and details on your box. God job on your project it was honestly really beautiful!
      Kenya Sanchez

    • Dear Christina,
      I love your shadow box! It looks so creative and original. A part of your paragraph that I like is where you talk about being really close to family and friends, and how you care about them. Something that stood out to me is where you talk about liking camping and being away technology ( I don’t think I can do that). Another one that stood out is wanting to be in UC Davis! I find it really nice how you want to study about animals, and become a veterinarian. Something I want to point out is the girl power I think is super cool to point out, I totally agree with you. I also agree with you on thesterepytpes and being latina. Keep it up, hope seeing more of your hard work!

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    Dear Emely,
    I am fascinated with your shadow box, like how you used a statue of Guadalupe in your piece and add pictures of yourself. When I see your Guadalupe statue and your pictures around it; it makes me feel like she is protecting you. In addition I like how you used the american and Mexican flag it shows me that you a you…[Read more]

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