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    Since the dawn of man human beings have advanced dramatically throughout time, which includes how we developed languages, buildings, technology, etc. In theory, humans came into the world around 200,000 years ago

    • Christian, the structure in this paragraph is great. I love that you used actual periods of time and dates to support our points. A lot of people forget that. You obviously did a lot of information gathering about the proper name for groups and left and your article open ended for more. That’s my only complaint. I would love to see this expanded upon. Try and use an online encyclopedia source or an accredited history site.

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  • Your post consists of great points but I would suggest that you would add facts that are reliable and that give unexplained quotes from direct sources. Your writing opens up my curiosity about the vast galaxy there are with the amount of planets there are within the galaxy. Your points can give many new ideas to people who are interested in…[Read more]

  • Througout ypur post the most interesting part I have found would be when you said, “money determines almost everything we do, such as paying for school,work,etc”
    I can realte to that because school charges for almost everything and

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