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Russia Invades Ukraine

It has been going on for a while which Russia Invades Ukraine is something the people from Ukraine are having a tough time. This started when Putin heard about Ukraine joining NATO and saw it as a threat. So he send his troops to Ukraine and said that Ukraine are being run by Nazis. Since the invasion, Ukraine responds by […]

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Should Members of Congress Be Allowed to Trade Stocks?

In April 2012, Both the Republicans and Democrats stop members in Congress from trading stocks. What stocks does to the members of Congress is it requires them to reveal their bouts and sold on stocks in a company. It even got bills that involve preventing Congress to be part of the stock market. One of the No is that Congress […]

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Voting Rights to Ex-Criminals?

There has been going around that in Florida they’re allowing ex-criminals to vote. It was part of the new amendment that anyone who has past criminal records is allowed to vote. But it is only when they complete their prison sentence even if it is one of the worst crimes they committed. Some are saying that they should because they […]

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Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?

In 2026, the new safety system is putting in vehicles to stop drunk people from driving cars. It was a demand from Congress that they want to find a way to stop drunk drivers from driving. They say that they put a breathalyzer device so the automobile would stop automatically. They will also put cameras to see how they monitor […]

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COVID vaccine for Approved for Younger Children

Right now, children under twelve are able to get the COVID vaccine. It was the recommendation for the age that a child could get. But that change on October 26, 2021, when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention when they announce that they are now recommending children in the age of 11 and below to 5. The vaccine that […]

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College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?

In the Article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?” I learned that there has been a debate about whether college athletes should get paid. People believe that if college athletes do get paid, it won’t become a college and it would turn into a business. People also believe that students would also transfer to many places because of […]

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Civilization Space Travel

In the article, “Civilian Space Travel” I learned that the first all-civilian crew travel to orbit Earth on a mission in September 2021. Then an actor Wiliam Shatner shares his experience of his own 11-minute journey to the edge of space on October 14, 2021. Space travel is controlled by not just the company aerospace and NASA, but the government […]

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Raising the Minimum Wage

In the article “YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” I learned that the minimum wage makes it difficult to people to survive even if they are working full-time. The current wage is $7.25 an hour which for many people find it difficult to survive when they have to pay bills and buying food. Increasing the minimum will benefit a lot […]

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Should Daylight Saving Time Become Permanent?

In the Article “Should Daylight Saving Time Become Permanent?” I learned that there has been a decision where if we should have daylight saving time for a year with no switching. Which became legislation called The Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 which could make Daylight Saving Time permanent in the US. There were good and bad reasons for having daylight […]

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School Social Media Free Speech Case

In the article “School Social Media Free Speech Case”, I learned that a fourteen-year-old student Brandi Levy didn’t make it to the varsity of cheerleading that led her to post a mean comment on it. It led to her getting suspended from school from the post that she wasn’t at school when she made the most. It also led Levy’s […]

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Can a Giant Laser Control the Weather?

In the article “Can a Giant Laser Control the Weather” the writer explains that Switzerland is trying something new, but similar to what Ben Franklin did with the key and a kite in a thunderstorm. But what they use is high tech and this high tech happens to be a giant laser. With the laser, they are trying to make […]

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