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  • Dear Vivianne:
    I am impressed with your post, “What is better Gas or Electic Powered Cars?” because you explain about both of the vehicles and which one was better. Especially about electric cars because there much better than gas cars.
    One sentence that stands out to me is, “Though many find a problem that these cars are expensive compared to…Read More

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    Voting Rights to Ex-Criminals?

    There has been going around that in Florida they’re allowing ex-criminals to vote. It was part of the new amendment that anyone who has past criminal records is allowed to vote. But it is only when they complete their...

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    • Dear Christian
      I am impressed with your post about¨Votiing Rights to ex-criminals¨ because it’s impressive how they are allowing ex-criminals to vote in Florida. I think it’s impressive how they are allowing them to vote because they pass a law allowing that any ex-criminals are allowed to vote.

      One sentence that stood out to me was that ¨I think it is both a good and bad idea of allowing ex-criminals to vote. The good is that they should have the rights to vote which can give them a second chance to redeem themselves. ¨ I think they should give them a second chance and allow them to vote/ have freedom.

      Thank you for writing. I am looking forward to your next post.

      Jonathan Alcantar

  • Dear Monica:

    I am impressed with your post “Saving the Planet” because it is interesting that Felix would be planting trees when he was in elementary. It was also interesting that he continued to do so when he made a movement called Plants for the Planet and had million of volunteers planting 14.2 billion trees worldwide.

    One sentence you wrote…Read More

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    Christian wrote a new post

    Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?

    In 2026, the new safety system is putting in vehicles to stop drunk people from driving cars. It was a demand from Congress that they want to find a way to stop drunk drivers from driving. They say that...

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