• Dear Angelina, I think your post was amazing because you really explained the problem of this community’s littering problem that hurts our environment and it really emphasises on how it’s causing problems in our community. A line that stuck out to me was “Oakland residents don’t pick up after their trash, they will have to pay an expensive fine f…[Read more]

  •     Are We Under Appreciating Food Truck Workers?

    Do you like food trucks? Well then you probably don’t like them enough if they can close down any minute. Food truck workers are so underpaid that they h

    • Dear Christian, I like your article and its an amazing piece but, I disagree that food truck food is high quality food your article states that “Over 90 percent of diners rated food truck quality as excellent or good and over 80 percent of them used words like fun, exciting, new, different and unique when asked why they dined there” (Milbrath). But if you look up the percentage of how many people don’t enjoy food truck food is 60% according to FoodTruckEmpire.com. (a counter argument would have been good to show both sides of the story).

  • This shadow box is one of those unique ones that really bring out the person’s characteristics, and bring out what kind of person the creator of this box is. It really intrigues me what you put in it from the family photos to the money from guatemala all. This is a great shadow box and one those unique ones that make it great.

  •   Who I am

    By; Christian Mejia Flores

    This shadow box represents who I am, the parts of me people don’t see. When people see me they don’t see the gamer side of me, the Catholic side nor the Lati

    • Hi Christian! I am a current student at San Jose State University. The Shadow Box you created was very creative and personal. I really liked how you added your family pictures into your box. I love hearing you say that you are a strong and independent person. That makes me very happy to hear that because it is very important to alway think positive about yourself no matter what. You explained very well in your writing of what each item represents in you. I find that very beneficial because it tells more about you and understand your box better. Overall, I enjoyed reading a little bit of background about you and who you are as an individual. Keep up the good work and always believe in yourself !!!

    • Hi Christian. I am currently a student at SJSU. The shadow box you put together was very personal. Rather than just including things you like to do, you included family images that shows a deeper side of yourself. This makes your work more unique. I do wish that you gave more details of your personal life and identity. Keep on building yourself and continue to be proud and confident of who you are. You will reach great things!

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