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    Dear Diego,
    I really like how you expressed you poem here it really shows what people might think when they think about suicide. It really shows that you gave thought onto this common problem that is out there. I like when you said that “people commit suicides because of love and because of depression” it shows how strong your poem is some par…[Read more]

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    Dear Oswaldo,
    I really appreciate the confidence you had to share this personal story to the class i know it must be hard for you to have your dad lost every day. This shows that you are strong by sharing this not only to our class but to the public as well. Thanks for sharing this with us hope we get more poems from you soon!

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    Dear Adrian,
    I like your poem it’s strong it’s simple and gets to the main point that “growing up wasn’t always easy” your poem was strong i liked when you said “There are bullets,
    Bullets that dance through the air
    And hit innocents”
    This was really strong because it’s true we see and hear innocent people get murdered by mean…[Read more]

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    This is my poem about violence and some of the violence that is seen in Romeo and Juliet leave comments if it’s good thanks.


    Violence creates death

    In many ways

    We see it around the whole world


    • Chris, this poem shows very literally the negativity of violence, and how it affects others. I found it very interesting how you mentioned that violence is started by people who are hurt. I can tell the words you wrote are what you truly feel about violence, and how we don’t know how to end it, but we know its a toxic chain reaction that needs to stop.

    • Yasmin replied 1 week ago

      Dear Chris
      I really like how your poem explained what is violence and you gave your perpective and your side of the story on violence. Something that you said that stood out to me is ”Violence creates death” because then you explain on why that is true because people are dying everyday. I also really admire how you where repartive in your poem like saying “we” “we” “we” because you are saying like we as in all. Thank you for writing a wonderful poem. I look forward to seeing what poems you write next.

    • Dear, Chris
      Your poem is really good. I honestly like your poem I like how you chose the topic violence. But from all the things that happened in Romeo and Juliet what made you choose violence? I think you should have explained why you choose violence in your description but overall your poem was really good.
      Sincerely, Bryan Moreno

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    Dear Latrell, I like how your box is it really shows who you really are. And I also like that you saw that your color is not crime and that is true I agree with that overall your box was really good

  • Chris posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Dear Irvin,
    I like your box because it really shows who you identify yourself as. This is important because this is who you are and you clearly demonstrate that here. Also, i like how you put the red on the outside of your box.

  • My Shadow Box

    Chris Pablo

    This shadow box represents how I see myself and how society sees me. This has been a very strong project to start the year with. One reason why is because we have to show who we are

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    Dear Nevin,
    I really like the way you have you box and how you show yourself about you being Mexican American. I really think that your car was a very strong object because you explain what you do in car and most people see Mexican like people that would do illegal things when driving but what your wrote about yourself shows that those comments…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin,
    You should know who I am because you have known me since 6th grade But the point of his is that I really like your shadow box because I remember seeing you draw your drawing. Also, that proves that your a very hard worker in school because if you take long on a drawing you take long on your work too this shows who you really are. I…[Read more]

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