• Violence in Oakland


    In Oakland there is a lot of violence that need to stop such as gang violence. Do you think that violence in Oakland can be stopped? What are ways to stop the violence in Oakland?


    • I am happy about your blog. It is really nice and it provides a lot of information. One sentence that stands out to me is ” The police hired people to help reduce the violence in Oakland” because they are assigned to reduce the crime and that is there job but, they are not doing it really well. The can not hired people but if the people help reduce violence then that would be great. Another thing that stood out to me is ” a person who has lived in Oakland for 22 years has noticed that there is too much violence” because she/he has lived here for 22 years and has noticed the violence but, is is getting lower or higher. Your blog reminds me of the real Oakland because it has a good interpretation even though it is on oakland. Thanks for your writing I love all the detail it really stood out to me.

    • Wow! That was such of an description of how we can fight against the violence in Oakland. Specifically on how you described on how their are multiple perspectives of outsiders thinking about Oakland. It is really important to include multiple voices because it lets the reader better comprehend your point. Also, you are tackling with a subject that is greatly frowned upon. You, writing about this topic makes your point of view greatly fortified by having great evidence.

    • Dear Chris:
      I am happy to read your post , “ Violence in Oakland” because it talks about what is the problem in Oakland. I like how you had divided paragraphs talking about an specific topic because it would be easier to read and it would also be easier to find information someone would like to know about. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “ This quote states that even with officers people are still suffering from gunshots. All it says that officers will not do nothing to stop violence”. I think this is a important sentence because it shows that not only any other person shoots it’s also the police officers that be shooting people and that’s not good because instead of them helping people to be safe or try to stop violence they are adding in violence and they are not giving a good example for anyone. Your post is good and you should keep it up. Thanks for your writing hopefully people read it and understand what’s happening in Oakland.

    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Unaloto and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was that you used a lot of information.
      Something I have a question about is do you think police officers will stop the violence or add to ? Please feel free to comment on my work in the future.
      Thank You!

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  • Dear Bless,
    I am happy about your post “College” because I agree with your argument. I agree with your argument because I to believe that college should be for everyone no matter where they live. One sentence that stood out to me is, ” College tuition should be based off of people’s income not where they live or the college they want to a…[Read more]

  • Dear Adri,
    Thanks for the comment. Something that I can do is to follow the black lives matter movement to stop the dominant narrative for black people.

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    • Dear Chris,

      Is salvadorian not your nationality as well? It can be one of your chosen identities. So you have all these stereotypes, you prove them wrong by being the opposite. Do you think this will make any change to how these stereotypes will affect you or your day to day life? What can you do so that you can change the dominant narrative?

    • Dear Adri,
      Thanks for the comment. Something that I can do is to follow the black lives matter movement to stop the dominant narrative for black people.

    • It really stood out to me how you expressed the nationalities you have. This tells me you have a lot of pride in who you are. “I have also chosen a quote which is “never give up.” I have chosen this quote because this quote keeps me going.” This quote stood out to me because it tell me that you are not a weak person who gives up quick and is very ambitious.

    • I like how you made an American flag with beeds.

    • hi my name is daniel thank you for telling me about you life in how you put the flag on there

    • Really like the explaining of your counter narrative. What can you do to change the ideology of the dominant narrative? This stood out to me because I can see that you’re a great person and I see that you have a lot of pride in yourself.

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