• The most compelling argument against zoos is the lack of space that zoos provide for animals. Compared to the wild, lions and tigers have 18,000 times less space inside of zoos, and polar bears have 1,000,000

  • This post is super well written Dynasty! It is really cool to know that there are people out there who desire and have goals to help the people in the world who otherwise wouldn’t be helped. I think it is good to have goals because it gives us something to work for. Your goals are all super inspiring and I think that we need more people in the…[Read more]

  • Brianna,
    This is a really nice poem! I haven’t read the book that inspired it, but the way this poem is crafted sure makes that book seem really interesting. There are a lot of important points that this poem makes. I think that the second stanza is really powerful because it shows that sometimes disenfranchised people don’t have any choice or…[Read more]

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    This is a really interesting article Koji! You do a really good job of taking an issue that is really relevant today and bringing up points that no one really thinks about. It is important to realize how big legislation can have positive effects on groups, and how the lack of it can cause harm to groups. By taking the main points against the…[Read more]

  • All zoos don’t necessarily treat their animals poorly, and there are a few simple solutions that could help easily increase quality of life for animals in captivity. While it is ideal that one day there will no l

  • Hey Tyler. I thought that your video was really touching and inspiring. It is sad to see how many lives have been affected by gun violence. It is really important that this topic is brought up and your video is a great example of something that will hopefully inspire change. It was really cool to watch a video where someone actually talked about…[Read more]

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    This is a really well written article and I think it is really relevant topic that needs to be talked about. Many people want to look for solutions to the mental health issue in the United States, but very few people are willing to talk about it. It is really eye-opening to see people writing about this topic and I hope to see more people begin to…[Read more]

  • Zoos are a great place to go for a nice fun day in the sun. You get to see all kinds of animals that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see in your day to day lives. So all in all, going to the zoo is a pretty c

    • Carter!
      Thank you for sharing about this topic! I feel very very very strongly about this issue. I hate zoos, and I don’t think that they are humane. The animals deserve to be free, just as humans do. Please read the link below to an article that I believe you will find very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing, this is so important.

      Zoos Suck

    • Heyo Carter!!!
      Great topic, great research, love it! I can’t believe zoos are still in existence in the 21st century, you would think that people supporting these places would’ve figured out how detrimental captivity is to wild animals. We need to free them! I’ve read some articles on this webpage that can guide us into saving these animals one small step at a time, give it a look! https://www.worldanimalprotection.us.org/our-work/animals-wild/ending-wild-animal-entertainment

    • This is very interesting commentary, Carter. I am in full agreement with you that zoos are horrible and that in today’s humane world, they should not exist. It is hard to believe that we feel the need to establish ourselves as the greatest species by enslaving animals for our own viewing pleasure. Here is an interesting article on this topic: https://www.worldanimalprotection.us.org/our-work/animals-wild/ending-wild-animal-entertainment. Give it a read, and I will look forward to your next post.

  • Hey Luz! Your article does a very good job of highlighting all the important parts of the novel. Your quote in in the middle of the article is really effective because that quote is pretty much the thesis of Orwell’s novel. I like how you address the “cult” and how Big Brother really just forces people to assimilate to whatever they want them to…[Read more]

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    This article is very good! Your article does a really good job on evaluating and identifying the literary techniques that Orwell uses. I really like the quote you use because it really helps show the emotion and how big of a part of the novel that is. Your article is very effective in highlighting the essential themes of 1984 and showing the role…[Read more]

  • This is a hot topic in America and your article does a really good job of showing both sides of the argument. I like how rather than just displaying one side of the argument, you showed both perspectives and allow people to make their decisions on their own. This article is really well written, and does a good job of tackling a big social issue.…[Read more]

  • When Winter rolls around, skiing is usually the first thing that comes to mind in Utah. But unfortunately Winter also brings around something not so enticing. The inversion in Utah is as bad as anywhere else in

  • Walter, your post causes a lot of awareness about an important issue. It is important that our generation tries to solve this issue so that generations to come won’t have to worry about it. Your suggestion about recycling and planting trees are huge in the fight against air quality. I live in Salt Lake City Utah, where each year we get a huge…[Read more]

  • I agree that some people think climate change is an issue out of our reach, but we can all do small things that help greatly.http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/solutions#.WejHOUuGND8 suggest plenty of options, some that you mention in your article and also some alternative ideas that can help proven climate change. I agree that reducing carbon…[Read more]

  • With our school’s recent policy that requires students to bring a laptop to school, I have wondered if this helps or hinders our ability to learn. While on one hand it makes information instantaneously a

    • Hi Carter-
      I thought this post was interesting considering that the integration of laptops is something that effects us all here at Judge. I too have wondered if having laptops in the classroom is helping or hindering our learning ability. While the school wifi has blocked numerous networks to keep us focused, i think it is safe to say that someway/somehow we find loop holes. Of course laptops are a very efficient way to get work done, but i think that they could possibly be deterring our ability to focus. The following article provides more info regarding this topic http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/08/18/536875865/15-years-later-how-did-it-go-with-maines-school-laptop-program

    • Dear Carter,
      I am intrigued with your post/essay because it has to deal with something I have been wondering for a long time. Also, I have to disagree with you because the people I know today hate doing stuff or class assignments on computers because its stress full because you always need WiFi but also they get distracted easily.

      One thing that stands out to me is ,”So if there is so many people bashing on technology, why are so many schools integrating them?” I think this is interesting because a lot of people in my school hate technology because how much trouble it gives us but yet they still use it.


  • With how much soda I tend to drink on a daily basis, I wonder how much soda is too much. I have always heard that too much caffeine can be bad for you, whether its detrimental to your body or it just doesn’t let

    • Hi Carter! I found your post very informative. I was unaware that the bigger problem of caffeinated beverages is the sugar, not the caffeine. I found these statements shocking: “Some Starbucks coffees contain up to 40 grams of sugar, and each can of soda you drink is packed with about 39 grams on average. That alone is your suggested daily amount of sugar for most Americans. So after a little research, caffeine is not our problem. The amount of sugar an American drinks in one year, on average, is 66 pounds. That is due to the fact that almost everyday, we are exceeding our daily sugar limit by at least three times.” This is detrimental to our health and is a huge number we should be aware of when selecting drinks, where we sometimes don’t think of the ingredients like we do with food. I think it’d be interesting and strengthen your argument if you compared different caffeinated, sugar-filled drinks and then compared them to “healthy alternatives” to see if they really are a “good” substitute. Check out this article: https://www.caffeineinformer.com/sugar-in-drinks

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