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    Chloe commented on the post, Coconut Lime Breeze

    This is beautiful!! I hope your mother loved this poem as much as I did, it makes me proud to use that spray 🙂

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    Chloe commented on the post, Life's a Game to Love

    This is a really sweet story and I’m glad fate had such a nice ending to your story! There were good twists but I like the way you kept to your main theme. The way you told both sides of your dad and stepmom’s stories is really nice and gives the audience good context

  • This is a technique I’ve used without even knowing it was one! I’m happy to hear someone else has similar ways of dealing with stress and bad situations. It’s a peaceful way to tune it all out and get your mind back on track and I think everyone should have their own way of figuring it out, so thank you for helping others find a comforting way to…Read More

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    Chloe commented on the post, Happiness is a Choice

    I really enjoy this post because you give real life examples of what you did to personally change your perspective and it changed the way I approach situations because, even going into this essay I thought you were just going to say something like “be happy no matter what” with no mention of mental status or difficulties. Thank you for giving…Read More

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    Chloe commented on the post, Animal Cruelty

    I love all of your ideas, especially about the care of animals you adopt. I would love to see your stance on the fashion industry’s work with fur and environmental issues threatening other animals’ habitats because it goes hand in hand with the cruelties of the cosmetics industry that you mentioned.

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