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    My favorite place in New York City is Prospect Park. It is where I have grown up. It’s a place that I’ve gone to my whole life. It is very close to where I live. I made my first friends there. I learned to rid

    • I am pressed by your post, “Fresh Earth,” because you identified many spacial, and specific moments you had at prospect park. you describe what you do at the park and why it is important to you. I feel like I can see you at that park!

  • Dear Keeba,
    I liked your analysis but I think you should write when the poem was written where you first introduce the poem instead of where it is now because it seems like a run on sentence instead of a sentence with an appositive.

  • Dear Ashley :

    I am interested about your poem, “A Birthday,” because of the line the author started the poem with. Also, the title of the poem is very creative to me.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The author started her poem with “My heart is like a singing bird” to show the reader how excited she felt. Then she said…[Read more]

  • The first lines that I’m choosing to comment on are the first stanza of the poem: “Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me / The Carriage held but just Ourselves / And Immortality.” She is

  • I actually don’t do anything specific to be good at math, I guess it’s just a gift. I’d love to give you advice or help you in math or anything that you need. Just let me know what you need help with and I got you <3

  • Chloe commented on the post, A Rec 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Dear Keeba :

    I am in love with your poem “A Rec,” because it reminds me of the park that I went to a grew up in. I like how it isn’t written like a basic poem, it is written like a letter and that is very creative.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ A free place to run into the fields, a place where tons of kids skinned there…[Read more]

  • Dear Jillian :

    I am intrigued by your post “My first impression of Sonnet 129 by William Shakespeare,” because you added the history of the poem and the poet into your post. It really made you analysis even stronger than it already is.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When I first read this poem I found it very unusual, I was u…[Read more]

  • My first impression of this poem was that it was about death. It makes me feel inquisitive, yet, at the same time, intrigued.  A line that especially evokes the first feeling for me is, “Because I could not st

    • Dear Chole,

      Your initial analysis was done very well. I can tell that you have thought deeply about the subject. I personally really like your word choice. Your word is strong and really adds a punch and it puts your work on a different level. The words you chose also helped get you get your point across.In addition, I love how your theme it was about dark and different. Your idea is very intriguing. I would love to talk to you about your idea. I can’t wait to see more of your work.

      Jillian Wood

    • Dear Chloe, I liked your analysis because it a different interpretation i had of the poem. i Got a sense that the poet was visiting or recalling all the memories he had before he dies. The poet probably has an idea that he will die soon. However your analysis is interesting as well as different because you are implying that the poet has already passed away and is “on their way to eternity.

  • Oh Prospect Park, how I love the early morning walks with my dog,Letting him loose of his leash so he can run free in your green grassIn the quiet, empty park with no such noise except the birds singing their

    • Dear Chloe, I really admire your incredible use of imagery. Almost as if the reader and you were at the park at the same time. One of your lines that stand out to me is ” As the sun comes down and it is time for the moon and stars to shine” because I actually tell what part of the day your talking about. I like that you didnt just say it was night but You gave the reader a perfect glimpse of how it looks. Both of our poems discuss that this place is an area where you escape. Especially when you say ” Where stress doesn’t exist”. Instead i rote in my peom about a racist free place. Thanks for Writing!

  • I am Chloè, like the french perfume. I am Jamaican and Senegalese. I am an extroverted introvert. Meaning that if I’m in an environment where I don’t know anyone, I won’t talk or socialize, but when I’m in an en

    • Dear Chloe :
      I am jealous and happy about, your bio and how you described your experience in ASTROWORLD “<Chloè–BIO>,” because you got to go to a concert, i wish i would have gone i never been to one and its TRAVIS SCOTT!!!!! Like just seeing your idol is amazing. If i got to go to a Ariana Grande concert i’ll cry.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ At first, we had seats that were really high up from the stage, but one of my friends ended up knowing someone who was also at the concert who was able to get us General Admission floor seats. For those of you who don’t know what General Admission floor seats are, they’re the seats that are up close and personal to the stage.” I think this is magnificent because you got to see him closer. Your idol so close to the stage, like i’ll be so shook, and it was your first time so it was a even more amazing experience.

      Another sentence that I pasted was: “ I was so close to Travis Scott, that we made eye contact and he smiled at me! .” This stood out for me because HE SMILED AT YOUUUU, that’s such a cool experience i wish it was me.
      Your bio reminds me of something that happened to me. One time my mom took me to a meet and greet to meet this Spanish artist named Romeo Santo and his very big in the latin world so i was so happy and when i met him i froze and was shook that this was happening.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have cool and fun experiences and i know you personally.

    • Dear Chloe,
      You were very blessed and lucky to be able to go the concert, not only go to the concert but to also be able to sit as close as you were. What exactly was going through your head when he looked at you and smiled. i can relate to you when it comes to music.i don’t know how to play an instruments but the piano which i’m not very good at. what type of music are you more interested into?
      Did you do anything specific to be good at math. like studying or just gifted when knowledge? i personally struggle with math. i would appreciate any advice you have that can possibly help.

      • I actually don’t do anything specific to be good at math, I guess it’s just a gift. I’d love to give you advice or help you in math or anything that you need. Just let me know what you need help with and I got you <3

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  • Chloe commented on the post, A path? 6 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Jillian,

    I am intrigued by your photograph, “A Path,” because I am always in Prospect Park. It is where I grown up and spent most of my life. So to see the park from this perspective is crazy to me because I’ve never seen the park like this.

    One part of your photograph that stands out for me is where you show how gloomy and misty it was…[Read more]

  • Chloe commented on the post, Memories 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    What’s crackin Sapphire:

    I am in loveee with your poem, “Bubbles and Clips,” because its like a throwback to my childhood. I used to wear bubbles and clips in my hair. One line that stands out for me is, “I remember when I used to get all the attention on my block”. I think this line is so relatable because as a child, I would also get all of…[Read more]

  • Chloe commented on the post, dune sunset 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Dear Cameron,
    I am living for your poem, “dune sunset,” because it reminds of the summertime. the way you talk about the sun gives me a reminiscent feeling. One line that stands out for me is, “her rays in which we bask” I think this line is such a creative way to talk about the sun because I felt like I can feel the sun’s rays on my face ju…[Read more]

  • Chloe commented on the post, Surprise 'em 7 months ago

    Dear Hanna:
    I am LIVING for your poem,”Surprise ‘Em”, because it is very uplifting. I like the message that you are conveying. One part of your poem that stands out for me is where you tell the reader to wear what you want, no matter what anyone says or thinks. Another part that I liked is where you tell the reader to “Live for yourself and no one…[Read more]

  • Chloe wrote a new post, Brooklyn 7 months ago

    I am from shopping bags,Filled with new clothesLining the floor of my closet.From the orange and redEarthy tones, that fill my living room.I am from Prospect Park,The smell of fresh earth and wanderlustThe sound

  • Chloe wrote a new post, Pair 7 months ago

    We are a great pair,Like a box of fancy shoes.Two peas in a pod, not three.Comfortable, dark blue denim jeansA 2 for 1 deal,The fries to my McDonald’s.The juice in my sippy cup.The oxygen moving in my lungs,2

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