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Othello yv2

I portrayed the role of Iago in Act 3 scene 3. Iago is talking to Othello of how jealousy can eat you alive. While practicing I had to seem stern and truthful as friend to Othello, but at the same time be a little deceitful. Iago is the one tearing Othello and Desdemona apart, but must act as a friend […]

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Othello YV1

Desdemona 1.3.208-218 My noble father, I do perceive here a divided duty: To you I am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me How to respect you; you are the lord of duty; I am hitherto your daughter: but here’s my husband, And so much duty as my mother show’d To you, preferring you […]

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chemistry of underage drinking

Today around 11% of alcohol in the United States is consumed by kids ages 13-20 and 90% of that drinking is binging which is viewed as five drinks or more within a drinking period. In fact drinking has become more popular with youth than adults. It has become a sport where you try outdo another, where games like beer pong […]

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Underaged drinking in highschool

This week I conducted a survey viewing the underage drinking that is apart of our school. I asked students if they have consumed alcohol in the last month, how many times, and if any of those times happend to be binge drinking which is nationally considered as five drinks or more in one night. The study was a simple random […]

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There is evidence that the by moving the drinking age to 18 instead of 21 will in fact benefit the United States instead of hurt

  Underage drinking has become one of the biggest problems our country has had to face. It has become the number one drug of choice for teens, and its regular use makes it seem like there is no issue and that it is normal to drink excessively, but that is not the case. With a shocking 2.5 million people killed […]

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The definition of Success is always changing and is viewed very differently in the eye of the beholder. One person’s failure, can be another greatest achievement. It seems today as if the end result is the only thing looked upon as successful, and not the journey itself. If your are not a winner you are a loser in modern day […]

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Internet freedom

Growing up in the age of the technology I have had the privilege of having all types of information at the press of a button. At the same time I have also been able to put out information and communicate with people world-wide through social media. Now although we have had this since brith this privilege can be taken away […]

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Dividing a Nation

Today everybody knows are nation is divided. We have people divided by race, religions, gender, political parties and so many other classifications, but the biggest divide in our nation is economical. Our largest problem today is in fact classism. After a prosperous period where the middle class had thrived and it seemed like fairly everybody has similar lives, the United […]

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Farming in the 21st Century

Today’s farms are fewer and bigger. Farming reached its peak 80 years ago in the United States. The number of farms in the country has fallen  from 6 million in 1935 to roughly 2 million in 2012. Though the amount of farms has declined, the average farm size has more than doubled. Corporate farms have taken over and instead of […]

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What Drives Success?

     What is theone thing that drive success in our world? Success is everywhere around us varying in all types of ways. We see it in academics, athletics, politics and even in a social atmosphere. A proven way to drive success is motivation. Highly successful people are extremely motivated to succeed. They are confident and never afraid to push boundaries […]

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Kanye West: Genius or Crazy?

  How has Kanye West negatively and positively influenced our culture? Kanye West has had one of the best musical discography of all time. His innovation in the music industry has pushed all types of genres of music forward whether it be with new lyrics, instruments, auto-tune, or performing. He has placed his views on religion, people, and culture as […]

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