• The Influence of Expectations

    Whenever I prepare for a big test or even after taking a test, I always try to imagine the worst that could happen.  Some may think of this mentality is a negative way of

  • Americans have gone through many rough times, but we were always able to push through with overwhelming patriotism and confidence.  We had always thought that nothing can hurt America, after all we were the best

  • Hey, I agree that no matter how a person talks, acts, and dresses, we should respect them as Americans (assuming they address themselves as Americans). The belief that hard work always pays off is usually true as well. I believe you can extend some of the points to substantiate them to improve your paragraph. Good work overall.

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    I enjoy how you put multiple sources and poems into your poem and summarizing them while relating them to individuality. I really enjoy the point you made, but I do believe you can continue to build off your point and extend your paragraph as well.

  • FIrst, I would like to address that this passage had a lot of context in it, good job. I also like the fact that you incorporated a quote from a book in it, showing your appreciation to the rights and life you have now. I definitely agree how American is a mixed society effectively making it a melting pot. I do notice that there is a lot of…[Read more]

  • As a second generation American, I view this country as a place of opportunity.  The United States is a country built entirely by immigrants, earning it the title, the Melting Pot, and it is the duty as an

    • Nice points Eric, I agree that immigration is a core part of America. The fact that in 10 years there will be over 11 million jobs created really surprised me. Immigration definitely would help fill those jobs. It’s kind of ironic that America is called a melting pot when right now immigration is being cut down on but that could change with a new president, who knows. Overall nice writing.

    • Cool post Eric, I like how you brought up statistics on immigration but I wish that you would have elaborated on the negatives of immigration. It would have been much better if you had talked about drug and crime rates before and after immigration as well as how the jobs of non-immigrants are affected. Overall good post.

    • I agree with what you said Eric, immigration is the core of America. Most people here had family that came from another country. America is a melting pot so many people come from all around the world. My parents came for another country because in this country if you work hard you can accomplish any of your dreams. I think many people also to to America for the same reason.

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  • Hey Clara, I enjoy the way you started with a strong opening statement by offering the proper definition of the “death penalty”, and thus, starting the discussion. Although I do appreciate the showcasing of both perspectives of the story, I do believe you should dive deeper into one side of the story, or if you are commiting to touch both sides,…[Read more]

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