• Eric,
    Your writing does an excellent job of connecting the ills of society in the book and in life and history. Equality has changed so much over time, what people think deserves equality and what qualifies as equal has changed. It makes me wonder how our children will look back on the time we’re in right now and how we’ll adapt to those changes.…[Read more]

  • When I was three Three maybe four She left us at that video store

    The words buzzed beneath the scratches hitting the pin. Light low, rest of the world silent. I hummed along with Sufjan Stevens, arms

  • Fears, doubts, and strange loves

    Swirl around me, too immense to manage

    The only solace I can find

    In my own chicken scratch writing


    The sound of a tapping pencil

    And of hands being slammed

    The sting the

    • Chelsea,
      Your poem is very inspiring and I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into it, I also can tell that there is in fact a meaning behind it and I find your poem is quite good. I enjoyed your word choice and how every single line was well thought out and I overall enjoyed your poem very much.


    Since I’ve been a young child, I’ve always had a way to express myself. From fingerpainting to holding crayons in my fist and scribbling to having a stable and controlled method of drawing. There’s always

    • I love your story and the topic. Art is such an important form of expression and i relate to this on many levels. Art is beautiful and it helps release emotions that you cant express verbally.


    There’s injustice, but the fight for equality rages on. The problems are trying to be fixed by some, but they still exist. Such as the stigma around serious crimes tending to lead to unfair trials, es

  • Gilli,
    I absolutely agree with your stance on how animals are treated. It’s cruel and unnecessary in most situations, but I don’t think it’s necessary to completely give up animals and animal products. I think the industry should be reformed and we shouldn’t need as big of an industry as we currently have. There should be more regulations and the…[Read more]

  • The U.S. is a lot of different things. A place of people that see nothing wrong with the country and of people that see only problems, a place of love and of hate, a place of democrats and republicans. But most of

  • Dear Lindsay,
    I am really intrigued to hear more about what you think about a twin relationship being as you’re a twin. One part that really stood out to me in your post is how twins act like the oldest or the baby, this made me think because I’m the middle in my family. I was thinking about how twins that are middle children would act. I was…[Read more]

  • Dear Alex,
    I agree that bullying is a huge problem and needs to be fixed. Too many people are hurt by it and something needs to change to keep more people from getting hurt. I also really sympathize with not wanting your sister to see anything bad as I also have a 13 year old and I want to keep her from bad information as much as possible. She is…[Read more]

  • Dear Jesus,
    I agree with you that racism is terrible and needs to end. You made some extremely compelling points like about how it can lead to people not having jobs and how it can lead to something as terrible sad as suicide. Racism has no place in the modern world and we should do all we can to eradicate it. However, I don’t agree with o…[Read more]

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