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Vape: Fact or Fiction

Vaping is a relatively new concept, but the idea actually dates all the way back to 1927, when a man by the name of Joseph Robinson came up with the first idea of the contemporary e-cigarette.  Later in the mid-2000s, a chinese company by the name of Hon Lik made the first e-cigarette. As revolutionary as the idea was, there’s […]

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Here’s how Russia’s new weapon would leave us defenseless.

Ever since the beginning of the Manhattan project in 1942, humans have been obsessed with the inhalation total of one another.  And after it’s completion, that power leveled 2 cities and cost hundreds of thousands of human lives in the process, and we thought that was the end of the nuclear era, right?  But we couldn’t have been farther from […]

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China’s Big Secret

For a while now, I’ve always noticed that countries with totalitarian Governments like the Soviet Union and North Korea, have kept secrets.  We’ve all heard stories that in North Korea they do things like block out western culture, and starve their citizens. But something that very few people know about, are the well kept secrets of China.  What is their […]

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College can cost an arm and a leg, but it wasn’t always like this. What happened?

For boomers and many other of the older generations, college tuition is similar to a walk in the park.   But it’s similar for the younger generations, except everything is on fire, because it’s hell. For instance, in the mid 1950s, tuition was affordable, even for the lower middle class.  The University of Chicago cost around $850 per year ($7000 […]

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What’s the deal with Airplane Safety?

A fear of flying is not unusual, in fact it’s so common, there’s a name for it.  It’s called aviophobia, and 1 in 3 americans experience it. But is there a need for this fear?  Is it common for people to even experience a plane crash in their lifetime? The simple answer is no, but what proves this statement true? […]

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