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    When Mental Illness is Severe

    In the New York Times article, "When Mental Illness is Severe", the author discusses the consequences of untreated mental disorders and the severity of the situation in our modern society. If we look at some real life examples...

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    • I am intrigued by your post, “When Mental Illness Is Severe”, as it discusses the importance of handling mental illness with appropriate manners. Throughout this decade, there have been many tragedies or occurrences dealing with people who have mental illnesses. It shouldn’t be ignored or handled incorrectly to prevent such tragedies from making its way to the surface again.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is, “In conclusion, our society treats individuals who suffer from mental disorders as if they’re abnormal, erratic people when in actuality they are human beings in need of dire assistance”. This is important because we shouldn’t treat these people as issues but people who need assisting with their mental illness.

      Thank you for this writing. I look forward to what your next writing is, because you bring up issues that need to be addressed more often. I would like you to continue writing about issues regarding mental health and how society can learn ways to handle these mental illnesses.


    • I am satisfied by your text “When mental illness is severe” because it really does give a good understanding how some of the things that they do to people with illnesses just makes them worse. They did not choose to have this life but they are still human beings and should be treated equally no matter what.

      One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is , “This just proves the lack of knowledge law enforcement has on the field of mental illnesses and treats it as if the person with the disorder has malicious intent”. Many people need to learn how to understand and deal with people with mental illnesses not just make their feeling worse, the more pressure you put on them the rougher they take it. I understand this very much and it really upsets me how officer can’t even control them they just instead have bad manners and bad ways of handling them.

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because what you wrote right here is something that everyone needs to hear and learn from it. I hope to see more of your disagreements towards other articles of yours.

      Dulce Cardona

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    The Judgement of Mental Health Treatment

    As a society, we have come a long way in the terms of mental illness and it's treatment. Though this is true, public health still does not consider a mental disorder to be an issue in many adolescent and...

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    Disregard for Mental Health

    When someone develops a physical illness such as cancer or severe broken bones, we rally to make sure that they are ok and know that we support them. Though this is the right thing to do with someone who...

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