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Early History of the Death Penalty

The death penalty has been seen in law throughout many civilizations. The earliest use of this practice took place about 1,500 years ago and were brutal forms of killing. This includes crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, and burning alive. Britain heavily utilized the death penalty and had various rulers that would abuse this power. William the conqueror was a more […]

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The Death Penalty is Appropriate

The death penalty has its wrongdoings but provides specific deterrence by subjecting the criminal to death so they can no longer kill any more people. Heinous criminals have been dealt with through this system, and a story is included in the article of two people being put to death for torturing an innocent four-year-old child. The death penalty is written […]

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Why the Death Penalty should be Abolished

The death penalty targets minorities, religious/political groups and poor people showing the system is futile because it’s incorrect. It goes against all humans’ first alienable right, the right to life, and effectively deter crime. To get rid of capital punishment, we should have our political and cultural leaders speak against prejudice. This form of punishment is unacceptable and has little […]

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The Case Against the Death Penalty

This article explains why the death penalty is an unjust form of law and should be abolished as a form of punishment. The first reason is that capital punishment seems to affect more people of color and is a racist form of law. People are not being rightfully tried and aren’t given a fair chance to defend themselves. The second […]

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American Fire Book Review

The book I am currently reading for my English class is American Fire by Monica Hesse. This book was chosen because I was interested in a crime/mystery story and stumbled upon this novel after a Google search. Non-fiction was the only requirement and I noticed that this specific book had rave reviews. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t […]

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Is having culture intelligence important?

To understand why cultural intelligence is important, I analyzed how cultural intelligence helps to develop a person’s leadership skills . Cultural intelligence is an essential skill for those who take on international jobs or work on diverse teams. Leaders who operate in a global environment need to feel confident and optimistic as they build strong relationships, encourage cooperation, and develop […]

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