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  • I never thought that this type of study could be applicable and I’m sure there are some outliers from this study, but this is quite an interesting perspective. I liked how you related this study to your personal life and utilized your own experience in comparison to this study. It would be interesting to read on more about the role of middle,…Read More

  • I think gaming is a sport because of the time it demands and the motor skills required when participating. Sitting in a chair for hours on end can cause some harmful effects on your body but eating unhealthy has nothing to do with gaming being a sport. These esport athletes still require exercise to maintain a healthy mind and positive attitude…Read More

  • Charles commented on the post, Backwards Benefit

    This post portrays the exact problem with greed in the world today. “Money means power and power means more money which creates a never ending staircase of corruption…” This quote describes the exact reason why money is such an issue that can never go away. Everyone needs money in order to survive, but once money becomes the most important…Read More

  • Charles commented on the post, This is my body

    This poem was brilliant in it’s way of relating the author to a positive change in the world. I love how you incorporated your surroundings and beliefs to describe the person you are and wish to be. I look forward to reading more posts by you in the future.

  • Being a student athlete, I find that the points made within this comment are accurate. Having to manage my time properly and making sure to get assignments done quickly has become a great habit of mine. It’s interesting to see that these student athletes are performing better on tests but this would make sense as they are more efficient with the…Read More

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