• I love how passionate you are about your beliefs! Although my religion isn’t the same as yours, I still respect you for being so open and proud of it. It’s something that others tend to hide, so I love it when people will talk about their religion in such a joyful way. I also agree with what you said at the end, about being brave and not caring…[Read more]

  • Hi Kariah,

    I like that your goal is to extend your knowledge of writing. I think that if you have trouble getting ideas down, might I suggest a book with writing prompts? I have one and they’re really nice when I don’t know what to write or I have writers block. The one I have is: 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder. It also…[Read more]

  • I liked how simple this was and yet, you still managed to get your voice through the piece. I liked the alliteration that you used, it added to the poem and made it a bit more unique I think.

  • I love this a lot. The passion that is expressed in this piece is beautifully seen. I really love all of the wording that you used, and I think my favorite part is the end where you mention humming songs and in the distance you hear another humming it as well. It’s just overall, powerful and expressive.

  • Jaden commented on the post, Song of Myself 1 year, 6 months ago

    I love the message that you got across. It was beautifully written and I can definitely hear your voice through this piece. The feelings that are not only embedded in the poem but also expressed, makes this an enjoyable poem to read and relate to.

  • I laugh and I smile, for the joy I feel,

    I want others to experience and savor it as much as I do.

    When the spring air comes with the clouds,

    That is were my happiness comes from.


    When the bees buzz, the

    • Jaden,
      this was a very good and well written poem. I really enjoyed the part when you mentioned the paint on your clothes and the ink on your hands/skin. This was very beautiful and I could really hear your voice as I read this poem. Great job!

    • Jaden,

      This was absolutely beautiful. I loved the pictures you painted about life in the country. I felt like I could actually see everything you were describing. You did an amazing job!

    • Jaden,
      While reading this poem, I thought that I was reading Whitman himself. You wrote so eloquently and did a truly fantastic job of imitating the style of the original poem. I thought you might like to have a go at doing your own take on another one of his poems, so here is a link https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poems/45619 to a number of fantastic poems.
      Thanks so much for your poetry!

    • I completely understood the meaning you had when reading this – it was very well done. It’s so relatable (I also love the spring and summertime), and the imagery is fantastic; I can truly experience the nature with you. Even though I am not personally religious, I still felt an incredible peace at the conclusion of your writing.

    • Jaden,
      Your poem was amazing! Your use of vivid imagery was well done. I had a clear picture of everything that you were talking about in my head. You also did a great job on telling me how much you love nature through your poem. It is obvious to me that someone couldn’t paint that vivid of an image unless they were very well acquainted with the outdoors.

    • Jaden,
      This was such a beautiful poem. I really like what your class/ school is doing with the songs about yourself. I enjoyed how you talked about your big family and how it has shaped who you are as a person. Great post!

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