• In my AP English class, we recently read George Orwell’s 1984. In this book, there is a very strong nationalist feeling. It permeates throughout the country. Fear of other places grips everyone, war is constant, a

    • Raymond replied 1 day ago

      Cicely, I think your post expounds on some of the most critical problems plaguing America. Although America was built on immigrants and foreign assistance, we have come to neglect our origins. The majority of the older population have become anti-immigration, and with the recent events on the news it would seem like America wants to shut its borders to all. This fear of immigration may extend to many European states soon, especially with their influx of middle-easterners as the population gradually developed a mistrust in the foreigners.
      Here is an article with infographics and about the UN’s perspectives of immigrants due to the refugee crisis with respect to each nation.
      This fear of outsiders could lead to a decline in national productivity when the population has shifted to be populated by more older generations that are in retirement.

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    Things are the way they are because we decided that’s how they should be. For example, our morals. We say stealing is wrong, therefore it’s wrong. The way we serve justice is community service, jail time, som

    • Hi, Cicely Foley-

      I am a student at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City Utah. I thought that your post was very intriguing in that it addressed a topic that is greatly considered in pretty much all religions. I enjoyed reading this, because it brought the questions and ideas into my head on how one’s character is shaped through moral decisions. What to you is the most important moral principle? If you are religious, do you think that that would have any sort of effect on your opinion? I appreciated this post, and I hope to hear more from you on this topic.

      Thank you,
      Sophia Gross

    • Cicely,
      If find the discussion and often argument surrounding the topic about morals and ethics very fascinating. I also wonder about how a society develops a view of morality and how a society should act, especially with respect to those morals. This site, http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/ethics-and-morality-moral-compass/3574.aspx , may hold some more insight in the way different people view values of morality and ethics. In addition, people may hold different moral values as different societies may hold different standpoints of ethical responsibilities. I would say that religion plays a pretty substantial role when differentiating the right and wrong of an action. This religious standpoint may be conflicting towards other religions as another religion might hold a different opinion on a moral conflict. An example of a moral issue is female infanticide and this source helps with addressing this: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/India-loses-3-million-girls-in-infanticide/article12551293.ece
      I really liked your topic and look forward to your next post.
      -Thomas K.

    • Bella replied 1 month ago

      I found your article to be very intriguing. It was very interesting how you used The Golden Rule as an example of how we as individuals view morality and our own morals. I really liked the connection you made between morals and ethics too. Here is an article that highlights the connection between those two values http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/ethics-and-morality/distinguishing-between-morality-and-ethics/731.aspx

  • Hello Mark,
    I just read your post, and I found it very interesting. I find solace in the abyss; knowing that everything I do doesn’t really matter helps me realize that it’s okay to be imperfect. I also found it interesting when you said, ” …two characters draw widely different conclusions basically for the same reason.” I have found myself on…[Read more]

  • Hello Kavi,
    I was intrigued by your project. Gun control is a hot topic in America at the moment, and I commend you for taking on such a topical debate. I have a hard time supporting guns, but I am not completely against them. I believe the process to obtain a gun should be more intensive, looking into both criminal and mental health history of…[Read more]

  • Hi Sara,
    Your post really caught my attention. I believe reading is a vital part of life; it gives us insight into other people’s thoughts and helps us understand things beyond ourselves. While I adore reading, I know many people find it trivial. I believe there should be a bigger emphasis on reading from a young age. Understanding that there are…[Read more]

  • If there is a God, why do such terrible things happen? This question has haunted my thoughts for a long time, and going to catholic school, I have never found a sufficient answer. The most common response I get

    • Cicely-
      I really liked this post. I can relate, since I’ve been going to Catholic and other denominational private schools for my entire life. I’ve always been dissatisfied with the answer of “everything happens for a reason”, and “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle”. If we are truly God’s children, why can’t some of us handle our trials?
      I can’t speak specifically to any kind of answer, but this question has been so influential in my life that it caused me to lose my faith entirely. Loss is such a common human experience, and yet we cannot reason with it, nor can we accept it, a lot of times. I wish that I had these answers also, and I am glad knowing someone else can relate to the constant annoyance of not knowing.

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