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    Thank you for your appreciation Louis, I am really glad that you enjoyed it and hope that you can also help out with this hard situation.

  • Dear Oakland Citizens who are not following Shelter in Place:

    Why are people afraid of coronavirus? Coronavirus is a virus that started to worry people in the United States, on March 13th is when almost every

  • Dear Armando,

    I think your post was very inspiring because you are talking about how gun violence is a big proble that has been here for a long time. A line that stood out to me was “Gun Violence is a very big problem, it has happened before, it is happening right now, and it will happen in the future.(Gonzales)” and I can add that we can change…[Read more]

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    Dear Chris, thanks fro writting, but I respecctfuy disagree that having weed legalized could have more cons tha pros. For example, weed can cause people to die or even do crazy things. While doctors try to find out how to make people not overdose from weed, thousands of people would have died before the doctors find an answer. Have you ever…[Read more]

  • What is a giant problem that teachers are struggling with? The average rent in Oakland is $2,916, an 8% increase compared to the previous year (Evidence of this statistic at

    • Cesar,
      I think your essay is both well written and discusses a pertinent issue in our country. My mom is a teacher here in Utah and we have similar problems. Teachers, especially those in early elementary, are paid barely enough to get by. As a singer mother my mom regularly lives paycheck to paycheck and we get by just fine but I know that even getting just a little less would make our situation unlivable, and that’s how it is for most. One thing that really stuck out to me was the snowball effect you mentioned in your article, no teaches=poor education= less professionals in the future= a society on the verge of collapse. Things like these really point to a big picture and how people, and politicians, should care about this issue more. I’d love to hear more from you about the specifics of a rent program, funding, availability, access, and overall how it can solve this issue. Well done!

    • Hi there Cesar,
      This is a really interesting article. The housing crisis across America continues to grow, and it is critical that affordable housing be provided for working professionals. Teachers are a critical part of society, but it has become evident in the past few years that their salary does not accurately reflect the gravity of their jobs. Without stable teachers, the education system, and thus the cycle of society, will collapse. I would be interested to read more on how this crisis became so severe, and what current work is being done to counteract it. Overall, a great article that makes a massive issue across the country local.
      -erica s

    • Dear Cesar I think that you post was really intresting to me because it talks about how that teachers are getting low pay. A line that stood out to me is that “On top of having trouble with payment, because of payment, teachers are getting second jobs to get paid better.” I can agree with you because with your point about that teachers have a second job because they need money to survive. Thanks for writing keep it up

    • Your essay makes a compelling argument for helping teachers afford rent. This is a very important issue across the US. You might find this article, which relates to your issue, interesting: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-urban-rents-hit-all-time-high-at-average-1405-report/ .

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      Hi Cesar,

      This is a very important topic, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your argument; particularly, the connection you make between teachers’ unstable housing and their ability to be effective teachers. I like that you began to address a solution (a rent program for teachers), and think it would be interesting if you were to include more detail about how this program has worked in other cities, and if it has, in fact, helped teachers stay local. I would be curious to know if any of your teachers mentioned the raise Oakland teachers won in the strike last year – is that something that is changing their ability to pay rent in Oakland?

  • I am proud about your post called, “Fighting Against Dominant Narratives”, because it takes fearlessness to share your life to people that you might not know. I am at ease with you and I hope that you change the minds of ones with dominant narritives about you.

  • My Identity Box

    By: Cesar Sanchez

    The objects that are included in my shadow box represent my identity, my own counter narrative. When people look at me, they see a short, cisgender boy with light skin and

    • Dear, Cesar Sanchez

      I am happy about your photo and art work “My Identity Box”, because you’re being brave by showing your true self even though you get bullied you still try your best every day. One special item you have that I really like is the Mexican Flag and toys because you’re telling everybody that you’re not white but a true Mexican. This makes me excited because I’m also Mexican and we can connect experiences like playing Mexican games and talking about the Mexican culture.
      Another part that I saw was the gun which you put to describe how colored people are seen. This stood out to me because everybody thinks colored people are criminals when we are actually peaceful human beings. Your artwork reminds me of my shadow box and life because all my life I’ve been seen as the bad guy for being colored and Mexican making me feel dismal when in reality I’m not as bad as what people describe me to be. The inside also shows how Mexicans are fun and peaceful humans to be with. That connects to Oakland because Oakland is very diverse and special. I tried to base my box of Oakland and colored people to show people what they think about us and how I counter their opinions upon us like getting good grades and being responsible. Overall your box has a lot of meaning because your telling everybody what’s true about yourself and what’s not which can be hard for people, especially an oppressed group of people. Thanks for your art. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I want to see more artwork involving the Mexican culture and oppressed groups of people. Not only that I want to see what other skills you have other than good art work. And again thanks I really liked your shadow box and hope you read my comment.

    • Dear Cesar,

      I am so glad I was able to read about you and I really admire your shadow box! I am Latina, so I could easily understand and strongly agree that are there are many stereotypes that people use to make a judgement or assumption about a Mexican person. Just as men are seen as dominant and agressive, Latinas are seen as weak. I also agree that people assume that all Mexicans have to have a certain skin complexion and I also feel that some people picture other people from a certain culture and instantly think of the characteristics they will have. For instance, I have a darker complexion with black hair so when I meet people they always ask if I’m filipino.

      I really liked that you included the Loteria in your shadow box because its a special and traditional Mexican orginated game. Overall, I really like your shadow box and thank you for including a picture of yourself, I know sometimes people are shy so thanks!

      • Diana Gutierrez
    • I’m a student at San Jose State and thought you did an amazing job representing your roots and your culture in your shadow box. I am familiar with the Loteria cards game and thought that was such a creative way to express your culture as they come with a variety of different Mexican traditional items. I enjoyed reading about your experience and how often other people seem to assume your ethnicity by the way you look but most of the time they’re wrong. For example, my parents are Mexicans and people often think my sisters and I have different parents because their skin tone is lighter and mine is darker. I also appreciate how you included a picture of yourself and described how other people see you but explained who you are. Thank you for sharing your Identity box!

      Jacqueline Hernandez

    • Dear Cesar,

      I really liked how you added your background and the things that represents you in your box! I love all of the Loteria cards a lot! I think it adds not only colors to your box but more information about yourself! From your box, I can tell that you are a fun and bright person. Thank you for showing your box! I love it that you show your background a lot in your box, we need people like you in this world to show how proud you are with your background. I hope you never stop representing your Mexican culture. I enjoy reading your description, thanks for showing your box to me! 🙂

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