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    Dear Kris,
    I like how you wrote about your family supports of what choices you make in life and thats something that would help you in the future.

  • I like how you wrote about how you love your family and that’s something i could relate to.

  • I like how you talked about the struggles you go to and trying to fix them

  • Thanks for writing this my friend Its a good poem and it really sticks out alot 🙂

  • Why I’m funny as hell

    I’m funny as hell because Im loud

    I’m funny as hell because i say funny jokes to people

    I’m funny as hell when i say stupid stuff

    I say things that no one has ever heard b

    • Dear Cesar,
      I enjoyed reading you poem. I thought it was creative and fun to read. I liked that you put a jokes in your poem. I taught your joke,” What is the difference between a snowman and snowwoman? Snowballs”. was a good joke that I hadn’t heard before. I think that putting this jokes made your poem funny and interesting to continue reading.Thank you for being thoughtful and funny when writing your poem.

    • Cesar,
      I really enjoyed your poem! Even your poem exuded positive energy and humor, and I could completely see and feel that amusing quality in your writing. I loved how you added the jokes and examples of when you make people laugh. It made your poem personal and entertaining to read. Great post, I hope to see more from you!

    • Dear Cesar,
      I am amazed by your work about,¨Why I’m funny as hell¨ , because I am trash to make poems. I have so much trouble to making poems. One sentence that stood out to me is,¨ I could be funny and make anyone happy when there down¨I think it’s great that you make people smile. Their are people like you in my class and I think it’s great that they make us smile and you should keep going. ¨Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?Of course it can because a house can’t jump at all.¨ This sentence is great. I also think you should keep doing what you do. YOur post is great. I can’t also wait what you have next because you bring positivity in the world. Also I want to be more expired from you because I am trash at making poems.

  • The name that describes me is the name Ceaze because that name I feel like is a good name for me. Whenever I hear someone say my nickname it makes me happy because when someone says it they say it in a happy

    • I like how you are really positive about your nickname

    • Dear Cesar, Thank you for posting about your name. It is very interesting to see how your friendships had benefited you and your name positively. Overall you had a strong paragraph but more detail as to why you chose that name to stick would be nice. I liked how you included your friends and how they make you laugh. one line that stood out to me is ” Whenever i hear someone say my nickname it makes me happy because when someone says it, they say it in a happy attitude”. The reason why this stood out to me is because having a middle name positively impacted you here at Life.As well as making you seem happy because others say your name happily.Thank you for posting and i look forward to your comment.

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