• For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I chose to make a movie poster because some parts of Romeo and Juliet live in my street. I also chose gangs as my topics. So I chose two people but they’re from

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    I am impressed of your post “gun control inquiry, because a lot of students or kids don’t get to talk about this information. Also I believe some people should have a gun but they need to go through a proces.One part of your post that reminded me of something of my past is that my uncle had a gun but not just for protection but he would…[Read more]

  • Dear, Nate
    I agree with your post about homework, your post “Homework,Punishment or Privilege” because I would always argue with my teachers about homework or get mad. I thought t did because some of my teaches told me it helps us remember but when you said Finland took homework ff of school and now their one of the smartest schools I was amazed…[Read more]

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    Who am I? That’s a question we should all ask ourselves. This autoethnography will have a lot of dominant narratives and counter narrative. Well first, a autoethnography is me talking about myself, explaining

    • Great box let me play you in that card game;)

    • this was very interesting to read. What you had to say about being latino and illegal made me think more about how much harder other people have to work to make it here. When you said you had to work hard in school so one day you can make it really made me think and appreciate my situation more, not that im bragging but more as in this made me more aware of other peoples current state. Thank you for sharing your story.

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      Querido Cesar,
      Me gusto tu caja bien mucho, y me gusto que pusistes las cartas de loteria. La lotería representa bien mucho lo mexicano que eres. También me gusto que escribiste bien mucho y eso me hace entender mucho mas de lo que tienes en tu caja.

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