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    “Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online”(battleforthenet). If net neutrality isn’t passed, we, the int

    • Hello everyone.

      My name is Herlinda Mendoza and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
      One thing I liked about what you wrote was that you guys added information explaining the cause of net neutrality. Also I liked that you guys are hanging up posters around your school to let people know about the subject.

      Something I have a question about is, if you guys chose this subject ? if you did why?

      Thank you for sharing your project!

      • Dear Herlinda,

        My team and I did choose net neutrality as our topic as it greatly impacts us youth who in this generation are very connected to the internet, and there was a lot of passion about our freedom on the internet. That is why our group chose this topic, and we wanted to share and invite others to join the fight.

    • My name is DeMarreon and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
      One thing I liked about what you wrote was when you showed us a example of what net neutrality was. You did a good job explaining it also but the picture made it more clear.Another thing I liked wass when you told us that people are trying to fight back to it than just let it happen

      Something I have a question about is when did net neutrality start and why?

      Thank you for sharing your project!

      • On February 26, 2015, the FCC ruled in favor of net neutrality by reclassifying broadband as a common carrier under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 and Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. On April 13, 2015, the FCC published the final rule on its new “net neutrality” regulations.
        I don’t understand your why? What do you mean why? Are you addressing why net neutrality was created, repealed, etc?

    • I think this topic on whether our internet providers are allowed to control what we can do and can’t is important. This action is going to affect a lot of people and some don’t even know about it. I think it is great that more people are speaking up about this, great post provided with good evidence and citations.

    • hello everyone
      first of all I have to say that definitely, net neutrality is something that we need to fight for. one thing that I would say that I like was how if we don’t fight for net neutrality people will suffer especially small businesses. one thing that I would like to ask is what are some things that will help our cause and if yes then what are some ways.

    • Dear Cesario,
      I appreciate the information of net neutrality because I was a bit confused on what it was and who it affected. I also agree that we should fight for it since it’s a disadvantage for low income communities who may find it difficult to pay for the internet. Thank you for focusing on this topic and giving important information about it.

    • Hello Cesario, I think we should have the freedom to use the internet instead of getting charged to do so. In fact most people in the U.S. nowadays use the internet and once net neutrality is put to an end there are going to be series of events in order to gain net neutrality once more. Do you see net neutrality as a good thing or a bad thing if so in what ways how is it good or bad?

    • I think it’s a well supported piece of writing. It’s great that you’re trying to bring the attention this one had, it lasted for about a week then sadly depleted. This is still a current issue which isn’t talked about anymore which is why it’s wonderful that you’re advocating for this with, what I see as, good knowledge of the subject.

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    People call someone cells in one vial for over 400 dollars and the family of those call didn’t even make a penny. Me and my classmates researched and watched a movie about a woman

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    Dear Cesar,
    I am amazed by your work about,¨Why I’m funny as hell¨ , because I am trash to make poems. I have so much trouble to making poems. One sentence that stood out to me is,¨ I could be funny and make anyone happy when there down¨I think it’s great that you make people smile. Their are people like you in my class and I think it’s great tha…[Read more]

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    Thank you Ravi, reading that you understand my struggle makes me feel more hopeful and see that people can understand and read what illegals go through and I would appreciate it if you can tell me your story.

  • Dear Briceida,
    I am impressed by your post, ¨Oakland’s Human trafficking”because your post is very different from others. Also I never really thought about human trafficking and your post really woke me up to learn and read more about this.
    One sentence that really stand out to me is:¨The goal is to educate, create public awareness, conduct outre…[Read more]

  • Dear Ying,
    I am impressed by your post,¨Violence and Crime in the Oakland Community¨ because my post is also about Oakland and I wanted to know someone else a opinion that lives in Oakland. Plus your semes way better than my opinion.
    One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is:¨Oakland community needs to be a place that is safe and we…[Read more]

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    Violence in Oakland


    Did you know that in 2002 there were 108 murders and in 2016 there were 85 murders. My name is Cesario Barrea and my question is, “has vi

    • Dear cesar: Violence in Oakland

      Your blog is very good, I really enjoyed reading it and you got great facts and articles that support your argument. Your hook really caught my attention and made me continue reading more. When I was reading your blog, it was so interesting to me, I started thinking about some question and hoe Oakland is turning into a better community if gentrification takes over all the bad areas in Oakland, to kick out all the bad people who are causing crimes in their neighbor and making a bad place to live. During your blog I seen one of your interviewee said, “ I’ve seen a lot of things in Oakland. I’ve seen people get mugged and I would walk away because if they saw me, then I think you know what would happen. I also have seen people rise and fall down because of their past, but in these days it’s more calm. People don’t sell drugs or kill other people. It’s more calm and I like it that way”(Barrera). They said its calm, doesn't that mean during the past years gentrification have literally caused a change in the neighbor as you can see. You should add how gentrification will change neighbor and cause less violences. It would be great of you think on how gentrification can change violence in Oakland and in neighbors.

      Sincerely, Daniel Gonzalez

  • For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I chose to make a movie poster because some parts of Romeo and Juliet live in my street. I also chose gangs as my topics. So I chose two people but they’re from

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    I am impressed of your post “gun control inquiry, because a lot of students or kids don’t get to talk about this information. Also I believe some people should have a gun but they need to go through a proces.One part of your post that reminded me of something of my past is that my uncle had a gun but not just for protection but he would…[Read more]

  • Dear, Nate
    I agree with your post about homework, your post “Homework,Punishment or Privilege” because I would always argue with my teachers about homework or get mad. I thought t did because some of my teaches told me it helps us remember but when you said Finland took homework ff of school and now their one of the smartest schools I was amazed…[Read more]

  • Who am I? That’s a question we should all ask ourselves. This autoethnography will have a lot of dominant narratives and counter narrative. Well first, a autoethnography is me talking about myself, explaining

    • Great box let me play you in that card game;)

    • this was very interesting to read. What you had to say about being latino and illegal made me think more about how much harder other people have to work to make it here. When you said you had to work hard in school so one day you can make it really made me think and appreciate my situation more, not that im bragging but more as in this made me more aware of other peoples current state. Thank you for sharing your story.

      • Thank you Ravi, reading that you understand my struggle makes me feel more hopeful and see that people can understand and read what illegals go through and I would appreciate it if you can tell me your story.

    • Querido Cesar,
      Me gusto tu caja bien mucho, y me gusto que pusistes las cartas de loteria. La lotería representa bien mucho lo mexicano que eres. También me gusto que escribiste bien mucho y eso me hace entender mucho mas de lo que tienes en tu caja.

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