• I actually understand what you are saying Charlie and I agree, some of the many people think that e-cigarettes are good, but actually they are worse than a single small cigarette.

  • As we are in the crisis of Coronavirus, we have made many precautions to not get infected by natural causes or by others who aren’t taking care of themselves. We had become very flexible in the situation by m

    • Cesar great post! It is very important to inform people that we should not be buying all the supplies. You have a very good article I enjoyed reading! There is few grammatical fixes that could be made but overall, great job!

  • As we all know, we are getting closer to have some advances of technology. In which we get amazed and trust the tech companies that make them. However, over the past years we became aware of some problems that

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    Greetings Ivy, I see what you mean and I like the ideas of what is really causing global warming. Also one of the most natural effects of global warming is of the coral bleaching process which is something including the heating of water. If you like you can read it about it here: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/coral_bleach.html.

  • While we are studying to drive, we get to see some of the rules that include of the “don’t drink and drive” term or “don’t take your medications with side effect” term. Which I like to call this rules as the “Don

    • I thought that this was very informative and helpful to know. I think awareness needs to be spread about the topic. I enjoyed reading the last paragraph and thought that your opinion is very important to this piece

  • Hi, I’m a actually in shocked and amaze that the owners of Krispy Kreme have there ancestors as Nazis supporters. To be honest I imagining that they feel terrible about knowing the fact that your families legacies and history is connected to the time when the Nazis were executing and slaving them in concentrated camps. If I were them I would the…[Read more]

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    Hello Emanuel, your idea and opinion on the problem of having to remove an addiction is very expressive problem. I actually like to read the book “Down These Mean Streets” it not expresses of how Piri wanted to fight his addiction, but of how a person is forcing them serfs of removing a habit that is unhealthy for them. An addiction is technically…[Read more]

  • Hey Jack, I actually agree on what you are saying about the middle class trying so hard to gain more, and yet they earn less on the salary they have on the job they are in. The middle class is always the ones that make the work place move, so in which case the middle and high class are like ants (for example) there are three types of ant workers…[Read more]

  • As we received the information of the surface of the “red planet’s” environment and weather thanks to our best fallen rovers. The next step of the mission is to send another rover to find not just rocks, but r

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      Hi, I think this is a really good topic to discuss. As humans travel farther from Earth, we must learn how to sustain human life in the extreme environment of space at the Moon in preparation for human missions to Mars. So it’s very important to do it!

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      Hi Cesar,
      Your post was very interesting to read. I think it is awesome that people are preparing to attempt to live on Mars. Ever since I was little I have been interested in space travel. The television series, Star Trek, and the Star Wars saga have always been a big part of my life. It is awesome this is becoming a reality. How does one sign up to be a part of this process to be able to live on Mars? What kind of people are a part of this reasearch project, mostly scientists or some everyday people as well?
      Here is a link that I found on National Geographic, https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/space/space-exploration/mars-exploration-article/ which goes into a little more depth about the rovers which you mentioned in your post.

    • This is a well done article though I think it could use a couple more sources to provide a way for people to read about it more in depth. Cora even commented a link to the website. It’s a bit strange how close the river launch is, being that it’s scheduled for next year. It’s a current and interesting topic and I like how you wrote about the different aspects of it. I’d like to hear your opinion, though. Do you think it’s a good idea that we’re trying to live on Mars? Do you find it exciting? How about you, comment section?

    • Dear Caesar,

      I very much enjoyed the nature of your article. Space travel and terraforming is one of my biggest interests. It was great to see someone who shared that same passion. The factual information you brought to the table was very intriguing. Great work overall, I enjoyed it. We will all be looking forward to the 2020 mission to Mars. For more info please check out the link below.


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