• Dear Issaka
    I am interested with your short story, “Dee’s plan to become rich,” because related the ambitious that one girl wants to change her status of life doesn’t matter the obstacles or sacrifices.
    One of the lines that stands out for me was, “This was the ideal family I wished to came from or to be part of. He was a bit older than I was but…[Read more]

  • Dear Lenin
    I am fascinated with your short story, “Maggie’s hard life,” because related that the life of a girl that have scars on her skin. Its difficult to adapt and have confidence in herself. She always feel sad by her issue and feel different by her sister.
    One of the lines that stands out for me is,have noticed that,”Mama always paid more…[Read more]

  • Dear; Hanna
    I am fascinated with your short story, “Dee and the Quilts,” because related a discuss that family have by the heritage. Sometimes the siblings have a conflict with the heritage that parents working for them but parents did not have control of that.
    One of the lines that stands out for me is, “Mama: Do you believe in your cultu…[Read more]

  • Today was a great day.

    When I woke up, everything looked like a normal day but I never imagined that my day had another end.

    When I left my room there was a smell from the kitchen that appealed to

    • Dear Celines
      I am really amazed by the short story “Maggie’s dairy” your because of the following lines that you mentioned . One line that stands out for me is, “I was in shock and Mama told me that the quilt have to belong to a special, humble and responsible person and this person was me.” I think that this line made things interesting because Maggie never expected that her mom would offer her the quilt because to her, De was the perfect daughter so it almost unreal to her. The line also stands out for me is, “This impact my whole life for first time Mama demonstrated me that she know of me that I’m exist.” I think because it made this line is important to Maggie because it made her feel like she is part of a family and she wasn’t being forgotten. Your short story helped me understand the story “Everyday Use” that I once read. I think that your version of the story could be a good match because Maggie was this self sobbing person who always stays on her own.
      Thanks for your short story “Maggie’s dairy”. From what you wrote, I can tell that you’re an excellent writer, so I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    • Dearest Celine
      I am ecstatic with your short story “Maggie’s Diary”, because the method you kept the story so simple and how you can understand every character’s emotion through Maggie’s words or perspectives. I am glorious with the techniques that you used your first paragraph a peaceful imagery that could keep a reader to continue being curious what is on the next paragraphs. This paragraph really catches my attention, “This impact my whole life for first time Mama demonstrated me that she know of me that I’m exist. At the moment I have a lot of questions, and also I think that she was joking with me. But the reality was not she speak with the true”, because this is a pivotal moment in her life and felt attentive due to the action that her mother showed her she cares about her. She has some questions that wondered about her but she was just enjoying her moment and try to get the best of it. This is another paragraph that stands out for me, “I feel happy because Mama recognize that I’m the unique person that care of her. Even though I feel sad for my sister because I think she was the favorite person of Mama. I know this is a special tradition for Mama, but I think this is something uncomfortable for the other siblings. I like that my sister was an agree with the decision of Mama and also she gives me some advice she never gave before”. This part shows that Maggie’s consideration towards her sister, even though she dose not think that her sister is the same towards her. Your diary aid me understand that some people might just feel left out and abandoned because they think their actions do not matter or the world is ignoring them. On the other side they do not know the surprise, their beloved one could show them the consideration and that could be a moment of change in their lives. This is away that they understand anyone can leave them but families always remain. I am so glad that I got to read your story and I am looking forward to reading what you are going to write next.

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