• I really enjoyed how in the beginning you drew the reader in by starting off with “ imagine a game “ I feel like that’s what really drew me in and had me thinking and actually made it kind of easier to understand your piece. Overall your topic sounds like a really interesting topic, and I’m glad you brought it forth and wrote about it because if…[Read more]

  • Does Music Truly Benefit Oakland Schools ?


    As some may know, music programs are being cut in Oakland’s public schools. Why ? We all ask that question. Should music programs really be cut ? Does music be

    • I agree with your thesis because music really does help people destress. This school is overly stressful in general so music will help us calm down. Even though we do have an after school music class, it would be nice for an ACTUAL music class that goes more in depth. I really like your article and the words you chose to put in it. I hope to see more work from you soon 🙂

    • Dear, cece
      I believe you have a strong assertion because you back it up with strong evidence like the one from Voynovskaya. I think your paragraph is very strong because you also have a interesting topic. I think the question you ask in your conclusion is a great question. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,Martha

    • Dear Celeste,
      I think that you made a very convincing statement when you said that Music is a “MUST” for Oakland schools. Personally as a student who attends an Oakland public school is a struggle especially when it comes to having a lot of work or being around people you don’t necessarily want to be around with can be highly stressful. Music is a way that I know I can focus and concentrate when i’m struggling and I agree with you 100% that schools should let students listen to music!
      Thank you!
      Kenya Sanchez


    Hi, my name is Cece. I’m a 9th grader at Life Academy. My poem is about how my family and I fight about how I’m bisexual and my mother and father don’t accept me because of their religion. I wrote the last

    • Wowee, thanks for posting a very personal topic on how you are dealing with this very sensitive subject matter. It must have been a difficult thing to post this out to the interwebz. But it’s a very good thing you did because it can give others (like myself) a perspective on how devastating it must be to bisexual and not getting support from your loved ones.

    • Dear Piper

      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “Some deny me as if I was a stranger looking for shelter” because it really shows how someone can feel when they can’t express themselves.

      I really liked your poem it shows how your freedom can be taken away by a religion or what someone believes in.

      Your poem reminded me of how people are discriminated because of their sexuality.

      Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Cece,
      I loved how real your poem was. It shows some of the struggles many LGBTQ+ youth have to go through and because of it, I’m sure many people will be able to relate to your poem and feel not as alone. I like how you connected the topic of love from Shakespeare and turned it into something poignant and vulnerable. Because of this, my favorite line from your poem is
      “Love can mend situations,”
      “Love can destroy someone” because it shows the positive, yet hurtful impact love has on people.
      Thanks for sharing your poem!

    • Hey, My name is Jocelyn go follow me on instagram @Joceegobrazzy and add me on snapchat @Jocelyn17385.I really liked the part where you said “Adults say I should love a specific person but my heart says I should love whoever I want.” I agree with you because your heart is telling you to love whoever no matter if your parents are wrong about it. But at times your parents may have a point to tell you what to do and what not to do. Another than that i really liked your poem. Good Job.

      Sincerely, Jocelyn Figueroa

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    I’m very impressed by your post, “Shadow Box” because the way you explain your dominant and counter narratives is very vivid and it really speaks to me because I can really relate to the part that you wrote about people assuming that just because you’re latina you’re Mexican, it’s honestly super annoying and I understand how it feels. I also put…[Read more]

  • My chosen identities are so different from assigned identities. Some of my chosen identities are that I chose to be an older sister, to be a good aunt, I also chose to be a LGBTQ+ activist. A few of my assigned

    • Dear Cece
      I am very satisfied with your work , with your images , because it show us who you are and how much you are proud of your identities , one thing that i like it about your letter is how you explain very well and i think it is very clearly . thanks for your writing

    • Dear cece,
      I really enjoyed reading your artist statement bc i can really relate and iv also became a LGBTQ activist. Your box is very colorful and i see how its really important to you in many ways.

  • Hey Jil,
    I am really impressed by your shadow box, “Jildardo’s True Identity” because I knew how you act and I always knew that you liked football but I never really knew you wanted to be in the NFL. Also, the part where you wrote about how you want to go to college and you have goals for yourself in the future really impressed me because it…[Read more]

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