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  • Love it! Thanks. I appreciate the Thinking Flexibly badge too 🙂

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    First thoughts on being a vegetable photographer (and playing with AI)

    Here is what I wrote: I just posted a photo on Facebook that I took before we connected online tonight. After I took the image, my  partner Jack said "you should be a vegetable photographer!" which I thought was funny....

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    • Hi Christina,
      I used AI to come up with questions and UN Sustainable Development Goals related to your post. These might help you think further about your new career!

      Burning Questions and Possible Solutions:
      1. How can a vegetable photographer maximize the beauty of their images? Possible solutions: Experiment with different angles, lighting techniques, and composition styles; look for interesting features within the vegetable such as texture, color, or shape; focus on the unique beauty of each vegetable, regardless of it being common or unusual.
      2. How can a vegetable photographer create and maintain a successful photography business? Possible solutions: Advertise services and portfolio on multiple platforms; build a strong portfolio showing the variety of vegetables and styles photographed; establish an online presence by creating a website, blogging, providing great customer service, and actively participating in online communities.
      3. How can vegetable photographers stay on the cutting edge of the photography field? Possible solutions: Take continuing education courses; experiment with different equipment and software; stay up-to-date with trends and technologies; network with other professionals and collaborate with creative artists.

      Alining with the UN SDGs using Question #1 above
      1. Quality Education: Educating oneself on the best lighting, composition, and other photography techniques ensures that the vegetable photographer is able to capture images that are truly beautiful and engaging.
      2. Decent Work and Economic Growth: By investing in high quality equipment and investing in professional training, the vegetable photographer can ensure that they have the skills and resources they need to maximize the beauty of their images.
      3. Responsible Consumption and Production: The vegetable photographer should strive to be conscious of their environmental impact, reducing waste and choosing sustainable materials and methods to capture their images.
      4. Climate Action: Vegetable photographers should take advantage of natural lighting and strive to use energy-efficient equipment. This will reduce their own energy consumption, as well as the carbon footprint of their work.

      I also added Habits of Mind that AI recommended for your text in the right sidebar

    • So passionate that AI! 🙂

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